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Fusion 15 Strategic Management Plan

Every five years, DIL formulates a 5 year global management strategy. This plan is the basis for the EMEA strategy, which is specified by DENV and its affiliated companies. Fusion 15, the strategic management plan for the period until FY2015, carries the mission to ‘achieve the paradigm shift required to become a truly global and excellent company.’ Fusion 15 incorporates 11 group-wide core strategies defining the development direction required to achieve the mission: 

Four Growth Strategies:

1. Fully enter emerging markets and the volume zone
2. Develop solutions business that meets customer needs
3. Expand environment-related innovations business
4. Accelerate growth through alliances, partnerships, and merger and acquisitions (M&A)

Four Management Constitution Reform Strategies:

1. Innovate product development, production, procurement, and quality capabilities
2. Strengthen global marketing function 
3. Enhance and innovate IT systems
4. Fundamentally reinforce profitability 

Three Strategies to Enhance HR Capabilities Based on People-Centred Management (PCM)

1. Implement and sophisticate PCM, a source of the Group’s competitiveness 
2. Accelerate implementation of measures to secure and develop top quality people 
3. Speed up management localisation and promote two-way communication between the head office and local bases