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Environmental Research & development

Daikin’s care for the environment start with industry-leading research and development (R&D). Careful assessment of technologies, production processes, materials and their recyclability all play a major role in the design and testing of new systems at the European Development Centre. Examples of innovative product development carried out in 2011 include: 
Daikin Altherma Flex Type for commercial applications
Inverter chiller
Inverter chiller

Daikin products optimized for Seasonal Efficiency


Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is key to Daikin’s purchasing strategy. Daikin actively encourages everybody working in that supply chain to share the responsibility of practising and promoting environmental sustainability at every stage. 

Daikin’s commitment to manufacturing products with reduced environmental impact extends to its suppliers, who are required to follow our Green Procurement guidelines, which ensure that suppliers:

  • Actively work towards achieving ISO 14001 certification. 
  • Comply with all current EU environmental legislation and regulations. 
  • Have no record of violations of environmental law within the past 2 years.
  • Practise environmentally sound chemical substance management.
  • Avoid using certain chemical substances (Daikin prohibits the use of many  substances including cadmium, lead, asbestos, etc) following RoHS and the 2007 EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH) requirements. 
  • Follow eco-friendly packaging and design guidelines.
Annual assessment of green procurement at Daikin Europe N.V. shows that more than 90% of core suppliers to the factory now achieve an A or B classification.


We look for new ways to further reduce energy and water consumption in our production and office areas, to safely contain the refrigerants used in our products, and to reduce the waste generated during production by effective treatment, reuse and recycling of waste materials. Here are some examples of recent improvements. 
Solar panels_200pxSolar power production 
Oxsilan delivers considerable water and energy savings