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European Development Center

Daikin Europe N.V. (DENV) was established in Ostend by Daikin Industries Ltd back in 1973 to address the demands of a complex and diverse European market. Since then, we have  perfected how to customise Japanese technology to meet the needs of 27 different European markets with successful solutions for local requirements. The unrivalled knowledge base and the expertise of the DENV team makes Ostend the ideal location for the headquarters of our new European Development Center, which has satellite locations in the Czech Republic and Germany (ROTEX).

Products from Europe, for Europe

To ensure that Daikin responds effectively to European market needs, the European Development Center has a high degree of autonomy to develop innovative designs and solutions specifically for the European market. This provides Daikin with a significant competitive advantage in the region, by producing and selling ‘Products from Europe, for Europe’.

Investment in staff and technology

The initial development of the European Development Center represented an investment of around 13 million euros, mainly in technology and infrastructure. We began by building high-tech testing rooms including a test chamber where DENV engineers can simulate all of the climatic conditions which may occur in any of the 27 European countries. 

DENV plans to recruit a European team of up to 200 specialists - from young Bachelors and Masters graduates, to experienced researchers, engineers and developers. An intensive training programme has been set up to facilitate knowledge transfer among employees and increase the European Development Center’s product innovation and development capabilities.

Developing heat pump alternatives

An important role of the European Development Center is to fulfill the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions within the heating market. Renowned for its heat pump expertise, Daikin already has the innovative technologies that can offer environment-conscious and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating solutions. As heat pumps rapidly gain a greater share of the heating market, the European Development Center will help to drive product innovation.