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Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)

VRV for versatility and control

VRV logo_200pxDaikin first invented the revolutionary Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology in 1982, when it revolutionised the market. Since then, Daikin has continued to lead the way and is now developing its fourth generation of VRV systems, delivering the ultimate in climate comfort, energy efficiency and control.

Because Daikin’s VRV systems circulate only the amount of refrigerant volume required at any time (hence the name ‘Variable Refrigerant Volume’), different zones can simultaneously enjoy different climate control settings. This means that VRV offers a versatile and customisable solution for an entire building, which minimises energy consumption while putting building users firmly in control.

Breakthrough innovations such as VRV Heat Recovery systems have enhanced comfort and versatility even further, by recovering heat extracted from the cooling process to deliver free heat for hot water and air curtains. Today the latest VRV solutions provide year-round heating, cooling ventilation and hot water, as well as open door air curtains and user friendly controls for all kinds of commercial and community buildings.