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Authorised economic operator certification

The AEO certificate was awarded to Daikin Europe N.V. on 9 December 2011 by the regional customs authorities. Daikin Europe N.V. was among the first in East/West Flanders to obtain cross-border certification for its international activities in Europe.

To become an Authorised Economic Operator, companies must submit a self-assessment document to the customs authorities. Customs officials then undertake a series of audits of the company’s supply chain and processes.

The aim is to protect the external borders of the EU and combat various risks to international supply chains. The Authorised Economic Operator scheme ensures that specific risks within the company’s control are managed, allowing customs officials to focus their activities on the remaining risks. 

In return, companies enjoy streamlined procedures resulting in reduced loss of goods in transit, fewer delays, improved scheduling, more reliable service and decreased processing costs. As result, end users receive their goods quicker, more reliably and at the lowest possible cost. So everyone benefits within the supply chain.

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