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A unique company culture

Sustainable innovation

You have talent. But can that talent develop to its fullest at Daikin? Without doubt, if you feel at home in our climate. 

Is that climate mild? Cool? Exotic? It is primarily very beneficial for sustainable development. The fact is that we always look further than the short-term. And, in addition, we do not only think about our company but, in particular, about the people who work there. After all, for everything that Daikin achieves, we have our people to thank. We also strive for sustainability in a broader context, namely the society and the environment in which we are active. 

Sustainable innovation: this is how Daikin is preparing for the future. After all, to continue to grow, our company must anticipate the changing needs of the customer. Hence the importance of innovation. Daikin doesn't copy; we innovate. Our aim is to continuously offer better climate solutions to our customers, and in this endeavour we see our employees as the driving force: through their efforts in technological research and for top-quality production, through their creative approach to sales and marketing, or simply thanks to the manner in which their ideas and efforts continue to renew the company. 

Is it any wonder that talent is encouraged in such a climate? With us, you will continue to learn through training courses, through contact with your colleagues and through the varied responsibilities that we entrust to you.

Daikin believes in the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy, which stimulates each employee to be enterprising and to contribute to continuous improvements. For this reason, full involvement is evident. Everyone's opinion is important and your input is therefore essential. In the end, each challenge also means a chance to show what your capabilities are and to take the initiative. We help you in this by providing feedback and support, because teamwork is another of our cornerstones. Daikin stimulates harmonious cooperation and consensus; in this way, everyone contributes to the company’s success.

Taken all together, this guarantees the quality that has made Daikin the reference in the climate control sector.