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Comfort 697x120

Clean air and whisper quiet operation. Everything you need for a good night sleep.
At Daikin, we’ve completely rethought comfort. With our heat pumps, you no longer need to lie awake worrying about the right temperature for your home. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and innovative features, you can enjoy the perfect climate at any time, day or night. Daikin immediately ensures a good night’s sleep. Especially as our units are whisper quiet. And while you’re renewing your energy levels, you can be certain that your Daikin system is using minimum energy. Everything is there for you to have a good night sleep and sweet dreams. It’s time to rethink climate! Will you join us?

Not simply quiet. Whisper quiet!

Your heating and cooling system should be noticed by what it does and not by how it sounds. That is why we have designed our indoor units to be whisper quiet. All our indoor units can operate below the sound level of a quiet conversation, but there are some units that are just barely louder than rustling leaves.

Pure in-house air for sweeter dreams

Breathing air that is free of dust, bacteria and other harmful particles is obviously better for your health and for your sleep. This is why Daikin indoor units all have a two-stage filtration system. The air passes through a first filter which captures the larger particles such as dust. It then passes through our special titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter.

Product overview

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