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Create a healthier building with better indoor air quality


We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors – whether we’re working, learning, shopping, relaxing or enjoying quality time with loved ones. So ensuring the supply and circulation of fresh, clean air indoors has never been more important for indoor environment quality. Ensuring our indoor spaces are safe, healthy and invigorating means improved wellbeing for everyone.



Explore how you can take a fresh approach to indoor air quality, with Daikin.

Auto cleaning technology

Our round flow cassettes and concealed ceiling units have optional auto cleaning filters that increase efficiency, comfort and reliability. For improved in-room air quality by preventing dust and odour build-up on the filter.


We offer the widest range of ventilation on the market, from small energy recovery ventilation to large-scale air handling units - manufactured to exceptional standards of quality and for seamless integration into any commercial space.

IAQ Tips & Tricks

As  a specialist for HVAC-R solutions Daikin would like to provide useful advice on how to ventilate offices, restaurants or stores effectively to improve indoor air quality and safely operate your building.