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Working at Daikin – How cool is that!

With us, you will find opposites that attract: A global group for innovative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, where you are on a first-name basis across all hierarchies. A stable employer, alongside of whom you can develop yourself dynamically. With cultural diversity instead of simplicity. Where you can not only have really good ideas, but can also implement them.

Stable dynamics

Daikin as an employer? This means: You are part of the international market leader for innovative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. We grow continuously – and if you contribute your ideas and efforts, you can grow your expertise and soft skills as well. Because both are in high demand on a daily basis in order for us to help shape the dynamic, global group. For this purpose, we promise you a good working environment, a fair salary and development opportunities.

The Daikin corporate culture? It’s simple, really: The basis is interaction based on respect and a personal atmosphere – we are all on a first-name basis. This increases the pleasure we derive from our work – just as much as the successes we share and celebrate together. We also stick together in times of stress. As we appreciate diversity and come from multiple cultures, we are first and foremost: varied. And this is good, because we continuously gift each other with new perspectives on continuously different topics. In brief: Despite our size, we keep it highly personal, with us you are first and foremost a human being. We are just as much secure as we are flexible, and offer numerous benefits.


Opposites that attract – How cool is that!

A stable employer, who develops himself dynamically.
A global brand, for which you can also work internationally on a local basis. 
Despite its size it relies on personal values, so that you can feel at home from your first day on.

Among the 70,000 employees around the world, our team of approximately 300 colleagues is responsible for the sales and the service business in 15 central and eastern European countries. Dating back to as early as 1999, we have been delivering the highest Japanese engineering skills derived from European manufacturing – in combination with an especially strong customer orientation. 

In order to actively contribute to the dynamic change of the global group on a local level with a wide range of new initiatives, we need committed individuals with good ideas. In exchange we promise you a good working atmosphere, a fair salary and development opportunities.

You want to join our team?

We’re always looking for:

  • International local heroes
  • Accepted first-timers
  • Independent team players 
  • Team-capable soloists
  • Multi-talented specialists
  • Organized freethinkers

You want to be part of our team, where you can not only have really good ideas, but can also implement them? 

Reasons to work for Daikin

There are a lot of very good reasons to work for Daikin. What do you think of these?

International market leader: Daikin is a global company and you can see that when you consider our projects. Did you know that we were represented in so many countries? And that you can continuously widen your horizons by working together, often even across borders?

Entrepreneurship: Working for a company that aims to be a leader in sustainable climate solutions for industrial, commercial and residential use also provides great stimuli for personal entrepreneurship.

Personal development: Daikin is a company in continuous evolution. Thanks to the variation in your job, you develop your personal and professional qualities to the fullest.

Respect: At Daikin everyone gets along amiably, colleagues as well as managers. All effort and talent earn the respect and the appreciation that they deserve.

Support: As a new employee, you can count on the necessary training and intensive support, for example, at the Daikin Sales Academy, where experienced colleagues and external experts provide you with training and instruction.

Daikin Community

Getting acquainted with Daikin is actually getting acquainted with people. For everything that our company achieves, we have our exceptional employees to thank.

Perspectives: The world is evolving more and more rapidly all the time. That is precisely the reason Daikin thinks in the long-term - especially about people. If we invest in self-development, we are also directly investing in the future of the company.
Therefore we welcome new colleagues to their jobs and to the Daikin family. And since we feel that our company is our home, we give the best of ourselves. This is not a cliché. It is the essence of our approach.

Cultures: It has to do with remaining a trendsetter in climate control. But the challenge is broader than that. As a result of our international dimension, we must continuously tune different cultures to one another. This searching for the ideal balance is also good news for you. As a matter of fact, continuous dialogue has taught us respect for the uniqueness and specific talent of each and every one.

Fun: It's important to have fun at work. Conviviality and teamwork make for strong connections between colleagues. Join in!


A unique company culture

We always look further than the short-term. And, in addition, we do not only think about our company but, in particular, about the people who work there. After all, for everything that Daikin achieves, we have our people to thank. We also strive for sustainability in a broader context, namely the society and the environment in which we are active.

Sustainable innovation: this is how Daikin is preparing for the future. After all, to continue to grow, our company must anticipate the changing needs of the customer. Daikin doesn't copy; we innovate. Our aim is to continuously offer better climate solutions to our customers.

Is it any wonder that talent is encouraged in such a climate? With us, you will continue to learn through training courses, through contact with your colleagues and through the varied responsibilities that we entrust to you. Daikin believes in the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy, which stimulates each employee to be enterprising and to contribute to continuous improvements. For this reason, full involvement is evident. Everyone's opinion is important and your input is therefore essential. 

Great Place to Work

The “Great Place to Work” institute again selected Austria’s best employers! Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe participated in the competition for the fourth time – and was again successful!

Have a look at our profile on the Great Place to Work Website!



Join our varied 24-month Trainee programme at the Daikin Sales Academy which will enable a very quick entry into our company and business. A renowned team of internal and external experts will help you to develop both your hard and soft skills.

Content of the program

  • On the job training, in various functions in our in-house and field-based sales teams
  • A 24-month study program to provide training in professional and personal competences (product training, training in presentational and sales techniques, etc.)
  • Intensive personal guidance from your personal mentor
  • On completion of your training, Daikin, as a growth-orientated international company, can offer you various professional development opportunities for your career in sales.

Are you interested?

Spontaneous applications (CV + accompanying letter) can be send to:

Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH
Campus 21, Europaring F12/402
2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Austria
mailto: jobs@daikin-ce.com


Talk with our talent


Alina, Romania

‘For me Daikin is about people! It’s been like that since the beginning, in 2016 when I joined Daikin … love at first-sight that evolved into a beautiful and lasting relation :-) I am really glad to be part of an amazing team, contributing with what I love to do most: marketing! In the age of mobile, social media and AI, almost everything becomes media. The way we engage with our customers evolves constantly. A great marketer stays alert, curious and close to the reality of the customers. This is the only way we can catch unmet needs, emerging expectations, find new ideas and perspectives. In marketing, there is always something new to learn. And that for me is the key ingredient of a great career!’


Martin, Slovakia

'My job at Daikin combines technical and sales aspects, which make it pretty interesting and challenging.

Daikin is an international company enabling contacts with my colleagues throughout Europe and cares for my personal growth, providing all the thinkable trainings I need for my work.'


Roman, Croatia

‘I started working for Daikin CE three years ago as Technical Sales Support. Luckily I was immediately part of the Daikin Sales Academy. During this two year internal sales program I gained much knowledge and skills for my current position as Consulting Sales Engineer for Commercial Applications.

In my experience Daikin is a people oriented company with a strong and committed management that encourages employees to take charge of their career paths. Every day brings new opportunities to learn and grow. Daikin is a company where every opinion matters and can make the difference. Daikin is not just a company, Daikin is a way of life. Join us!'

Add your talent

We look for unique individuals to contribute their talents to our growth and leadership.

Your talent

  • Determined to find solutions
  • Seek opportunities to enhance personal growth
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Desire to promote sustainable development 

Our strengths

  • We are international. As the EMEA headquarters, we are a melting pot of backgrounds and nationalities, with a strong connection to our Japanese heritage.
  • We are pragmatic. We stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and inspire our employees to develop their own careers.
  • We are respectful. We offer opportunities for you to evolve and grow due to our extensive training programme, on-the-job coaching and the flexibility to rotate between jobs to fulfil your own ambitions.
  • We are the market leader. As the number one innovator within our industry, we offer you stability and a wide playing field of job opportunities.

Your opportunities in Daikin Europe, Belgium

Daikin Europe Academy - develop and grow with Daikin. 

Are you a young graduate with international ambitions? 

Are you a student looking for a challenging internship?

Are you the ideal Daikin Employee but don't see a vacancy that reflects your expertise?

Submit your CV as an open application, because we are always recruiting innovative employees!

Send an email to jobs@daikin-ce.com or use our open application form: