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Replacement Technology

Update your system to improve its energy efficiency, lower energy costs and prevent unexpected breakdowns for reliable year-round comfort.

Quick and quality replacements

Whether you're a business owner or homeowner, it’s important to make sure your HVAC-R equipment is up to date and operating at full capacity. From complying to new regulations to incorporating the latest energy efficient technologies, we can upgrade your equipment to improve its reliability and lower costs in the long run.

1. Reuse drain pipes

Durable PVC pipes can be easily reused. Only flow tests are required.

2. Reuse refrigerant pipes

Pipes used for R-22 will also work with VRV-Q, thanks to lower operating pressures of the system.

3. Reuse refrigerant branch pipes

There are no restrictions when upgrading from a Daikin VRV system. Other VRF systems require branch pipes to withstand pressure up to 3.3 MPa.

4. Reuse remote control wiring

Reuse wiring when upgrading from a Daikin VRV system. In other cases, this will depend on the cable type.

5. Reuse indoor-outdoor wiring

Reuse when upgrading from a Daikin VRV system. In other cases, this will depend on the cable type.

6. Indoor units

Indoor units need to be replaced.

7. Outdoor units

Outdoor units need to be replaced.

  • No disturbance of daily operations

    • Combine original components with replacement technologies to receive a high-quality upgrade
    • Projects are conducted over the weekend to avoid interrupting your business
  • Peace of mind

    • Your equipment complies with the latest energy regulations
    • Prevention of potential breakdowns that may occur with outdated equipment
    • Keep business operations running seamlessly
  • Lower costs

    • Simple upgrades avoid expensive and disruptive renovations
    • No interruption of business activity or costs for moving/ redecorating
  • Replace third-party systems

    • We can replace equipment from other manufacturers with highly efficient and flexible Daikin technology

Replacement solutions for homeowners

With our replacement solutions, homeowners can upgrade their heat pump with the latest technologies to achieve the ultimate in comfort. Installation costs remain low, as only indoor and outdoor units need to be changed.

As a homeowner, you can benefit from:

Design and functionality

Upgrading to a R-410A or R-32 system gives you access to a wide choice of state-of-the-art indoor units.

Advanced technologies

Unique combination of (de)humidification, ventilation and purification & connection to Daikin Online Controller

Quiet operation

The sound level for indoor units can be as low as 19 dB(A).

Save on running costs

Save up to 50% on energy costs by replacing your old air conditioning system.


Learn more about our replacement solutions


The Bloomsbury Hotel case

Learn how we helped The Bloomsbury Hotel lower their building's energy usage, cut CO2 emissions by 30% and improve comfort levels for guests by optimising climate control.


    Torre Serenissima case

    An 11-storey office building, the Torre Serenissima serves as the headquarters of the Brescia Padova Motorway in Verona, Italy. Equipped with an outdated R-22 refrigerant system, we gave the Torre Serenissima a full upgrade to deliver more energy efficiency and comfort.

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