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Action on sustainability: Daikin takes the lead

Press Release, February 2020

More than 500 business partners from all over Europe gathered in Copenhagen from the 5th until the 7th of February for the Daikin VRV Summit. At the Summit, Daikin, the market leader for heat pump and air-conditioning systems,  outlined the major advances already put in place to lower the environmental impact of climate control systems, in support of its goal to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050.

Vienna, February 2020

Creating a sustainable future together

Under the theme “Creating a sustainable future together”, the summit explored a wide variety of products and services that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and avoid the depletion of natural resources, through a series of informative lectures, workshops and displays. A key highlight of the event was the unveiling of Daikin’s latest innovation - the new mini VRV 5 which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 1/3 compared to previous series.


Green credentials

Reflecting the Summit’s sustainability theme, Daikin ensured a ‘Green Experience’ for attendees. This involved going completely paperless,  as well as the use of local public transportation and locally sourced food. All CO2 emissions resulting from participants' arrivals and departures were offset by Daikin, making this a fully carbon neutral event. The donations for the offset go to a project in Rajasthan, India, to support farmers who send their harvest waste to a biomass plant for power generation. This will reduce CO2 emissions and, at the same time, create more jobs in the region.

Copenhagen was chosen as the venue, having been  named ‘Europe’s Green Capital’ in 2014 and for its dedication to  sustainability. A diversified programme of cultural events rounded off the VRV Summit for 2020.


Time to act now

The European ‘Green Deal’ sets forward ambitious measures that should enable European citizens and businesses to benefit from a green transition. Cutting CO2 emissions, shifting to a circular economy and cleaner air are some of the highlights of the ‘Green Deal’.

Daikin is fully supportive and has already been working for a long time to this end. The VRV Summit is the logical next step.

“On the one hand, we have reduced our own CO2 footprint and on the other we are putting on the market solutions that reduce the CO2 footprint of our customers. The key visual representing the VRV Summit consists of three leaves, which together highlight the three most important fields of action: innovation, circular economy and smart control.” explains Bernard Dehertogh, head of commercial DX products at Daikin Europe.

Product innovations such as the new VRV 5 with over 70% lower GWP, the adoption of a circular economy through the reuse of refrigerant and the use of intelligent controls such as the Daikin Cloud Service, are just some of the innovations that were revealed at  the Summit.  


The new Mini VRV 5

Daikin’s mission has always been to reduce the environmental impact of energy use and refrigerants, by developing products with a high seasonal energy efficiency and making use of refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP).

With a GWP of 675 and requiring less refrigerant charge, the global warming potential of VRV 5 is less than one-third of that of the more common R-410A alternatives, while offering greater efficiency.

All known VRV standards such as VRT (Variable Refrigerant Temperature) are available in this low-height VRV system. Thanks to its compact dimensions (870 x 1,100 x 460 mm), the single fan mini VRV 5 is easy to transport and is versatile in its application. The newly designed fan ensures a high air flow rate, with reduced noise emissions down to 39 dBA(!) and has an automatically adjusted ESP of up to 45 Pa, allowing ductwork. It can be combined with Daikin’s signature Round Flow and Fully Flat cassette units, as well as a range of concealed ceiling and wall mounted units. Additionally, air curtains and air handling units can also be integrated. The new VRV 5 is already fully compliant with the European Ecodesign requirements under Lot 21, Tier 2, offering high real life high seasonal efficiencies. 


L∞P by Daikin

Daikin is a pioneer in the industry, reusing refrigerant in new VRV systems. Using reclaimed refrigerant, which is the same quality as virgin refrigerant, results in saving over 150,000 kgs of virgin refrigerant production each year. This pioneering achievement in terms of reusing refrigerant has been  widely recognised, with multiple awards for the VRV IV+ Heat Recovery Series, including the HVR Commercial Product of the Year and the Architects Choice Award for Best Renewable Product.

At the VRV Summit, Daikin launched L∞P by Daikin, which provides an umbrella for all circular economy measures that Daikin has taken and continues to implement.

The scope of activities includes the reuse all piping, wiring and indoor units when replacing outdoor systems with our replacement VRV and the launch of a Daikin refrigerant recycling machine which allows installers to recycle refrigerant to be used again for field charge.


More than a manufacturer

The Daikin VRV Summit showed that Daikin is not only the market leader in the supply of modern, efficient HVAC-R systems, but is also a reliable service and project partner. A comprehensive overview of field service tools, design support software and simplified logistics delivered through a dedicated customer portal, demonstrates the 360° support Daikin offers to its business partners.

For more information on Daikin’s refrigerant policy visit  

For more details of the new Mini VRV 5 go to



Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe was founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The product portfolio comprises products and solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, airconditioning and refrigeration. Roughly 410 employees are in charge of the sales and service activities in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Poland).

About Daikin Europe N.V.
Daikin Europe N.V. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Limited and a major European producer of air conditioners, heating systems and refrigeration equipment, with approximately 6950 employees throughout Europe and major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK.
Globally, Daikin is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. With more than 90 years of experience in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling technologies, Daikin is a market leader in heat pump technology.

Press contact:
Miroslava Stanic
General Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications, Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH
Tel.: 43 (0)1 – 253 21 11 - 101
Lemböckgasse 59/1/1
1230 Vienna, Austria

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