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World Refrigeration Day: What efficient refrigeration technology means for modern life

Press Release, July 2020

As the importance of using sustainable resources increases, the World Refrigeration Day (WRD) aims to raise awareness about refrigeration, air-conditioning, and their contribution to modern life. With the 2020 “COLD CHAIN 4 LIFE” campaign associations, organizations as well as governments and individuals of the HVAC-R industry support the WRD.


Vienna, July 26, 2020 – Today marks the birth date of Lord Kelvin, after whom the absolute temperature Kelvin Scale is named. As part of the 2020 celebrations, institutions such as ASHRAE, European Partnership for Energy and Environment (EPEE), International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), UNEP OzoneAction and the WRD Secretariat are campaigning on the importance of the cold chain sector and its crucial contribution to food safety and security, public health and well-being.  

The so-called 2020 "COLD CHAIN 4 LIFE" campaign aims to raise awareness among the public, policy makers and end-users about technology, food waste/loss, health, environment and energy aspects related to the cold chain.  The campaign objective is to motivate the adoption of best practices in order to minimize food waste/loss in the supply chain process, stimulate wise technology selections, and enhance operations for minimizing leakage of refrigerants and maximizing energy efficiency.

Through recent acquisitions of AHT, Hubbard, Tewis, and Zanotti Daikin has further expanded its European market presence in commercial refrigeration. Daikin Commercial refrigeration now offers future-proof complete solutions from one source.

With the acquisition of these four companies, Daikin will continue to provide its customers with high-quality refrigeration solutions from a single source: Installation and maintenance combined with high competence and fast service cover all requirements of the retail food trade, gastronomy as well as food production, storage, and transport.

“With our total solution approach ‘from field to fork’, we can offer customers the right technology to suit their requirements and provide added value. We have adapted the entire portfolio to our equipment technology. We think safety, environmental protection, energy, and cost efficiency together,” says Niko Baekelandt, Department Manager, Refrigeration Department Daikin Europe N.V., explaining the company strategy.


Daikin’s commercial refrigeration strategy

Since 2000, Daikin has been selling highly efficient refrigeration and freezer systems for supermarkets and grocery stores in Europe. With the acquisition of the Italian refrigeration specialist Zanotti and the British refrigeration specialist Hubbard Ltd. (at that time already a subsidiary of Zanotti) in mid-2016, the Daikin Group already expanded its product range in the field of commercial refrigeration for the entire cold chain.

The result is efficient product solutions ranging from food processing, drying, and storage to refrigeration and freezing systems for the retail sector. This was followed by the acquisition of Tewis Smart Systems S.L. in 2018. It is one of Spain’s leading companies for standardized and customized refrigeration solutions. The Austrian refrigeration specialist AHT Cooling Systems, also a member of the Daikin group since 2019, proudly supports the 2020 World Refrigeration Day and COLD CHAIN 4 LIFE initiative as sponsors.

"Thanks to these investments, we can now find Daikin in the supermarket, not only in the form of ceiling-mounted air conditioners but also in the form of refrigerated shelves and freezers. In this way, we can ensure that in the future all appliances are optimally connected in terms of control technology and can condition the store in a particularly energetic and efficient way," emphasizes Niko Baekelandt.



Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe was founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The company’s portfolio comprises products and solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Approximately 410 employees are in charge of sales and service operations in 16 countries across Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Poland). 
About Daikin Europe N.V.
Daikin Europe N.V. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Limited and a major European producer of air conditioners, heating systems and refrigeration equipment, with approximately 6946 employees throughout Europe and major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK.
Globally, Daikin is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. With more than 90 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling technologies, Daikin is a market leader in heat pump technology.
About AHT Cooling Systems
With approx. 1600 employees and 4 international production facilities, Austrian based AHT is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial plug-in refrigeration and freezing systems and is supplying major supermarket and discount chains as well as ice cream and beverage manufacturers for more than 35 years with an innovative and ecologically beneficial product range. In 2019, the company was acquired by Daikin Europe N.V.
Press contact:
Miroslava Stanic
General Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications,
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH
Tel.: 43 (0)1 – 253 21 11 - 101
Lemböckgasse 59/1/1
1230 Vienna, Austria


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