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Annual Results 2021

All-time high: Daikin Europe closed fiscal year 2021 with record sales

Press Release, May 2022

Driven by the strong demand for sustainable heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions, Daikin Europe N.V. has reported an exceptional growth in its turnover of 25%, which now amounts to 4.3 billion euro, the company’s best result ever. As subsidiary Daikin Central Europe significantly contributed to the success with record sales across 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


Brussels, Vienna, May 2022 – “Despite challenging circumstances, we are continuing on our growth course to realize our ambitious targets of our 5-year business plan Fusion25 and play a leading role in Europe’s Green transition”, says Carl Lievens, Managing Director of Daikin Central Europe headquartered in Vienna. “Today, rising energy prices, climate goals and more stringent EU regulations are drivers for residential and industrial customers to switch to our energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions and reduce their environmental footprint”, he continues.

Carl Lievens, Managing Director Daikin Central Europe, who is responsible for 16 markets in Central and Eastern Europe

“Moreover, the current geopolitical situation will intensify the need to phase out fossil fuels and to reduce our energy dependency. It remains our mission to support this transition by developing and delivering the innovative solutions that are needed”, says Toshitaka Tsubouchi, President of Daikin Europe.


Toshitaka Tsubouchi, President of Daikin Europe

Firm response to today’s market needs

In 2021, Daikin Europe as well as its subsidiary Daikin Central Europe reported strong sales growth across all business units including residential air-conditioning, commercial refrigeration and its services and solutions offering. The most remarkable growth was achieved in the heating business: “Heat pumps are one of the key technologies to realize the energy transition in Europe”, added Takayuki Kamekawa, Vice-President Sales of Daikin Europe

A rapid increase in demand with forecasts calling for 4 million heat pumps to be installed in Europe yearly by 2030 – representing an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% – is expected in line with other industry experts. Daikin Europe is responding by investing in production and innovation capabilities, warehousing and logistics, as well as increased training for installers and service technicians across the EMEA region.

“In many of our markets, including Austria, attractive governmental incentives and subsidies make it easier for homeowners to exit fossil fuel heating and switch to sustainable technologies like heat pumps. Incidentally, all our split air conditioners are energy-efficient air-to-air heat pumps and can be used for cooling and heating”, says Lievens, who is responsible for 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rebound after first Corona year

In 2021, the HVAC-R* market showed also a clear positive trend for investments in the commercial sector. In particular, hotels, restaurants, offices and retailers as well as the construction sector were eager to invest. The rebound after the first Corona year was stronger than expected. In the refrigeration segment, significant demand from food retail chains had a positive impact on Daikin’s results.


Circular economy of refrigerants for key accounts

“Our circular economy program ‘Loop by Daikin–Recover–Reclaim-Reuse’ of refrigerants earned very positive response from the market: In 2021, we won key accounts – like Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic – who are using our solutions to reduce the environmental impact at their premises, factories or in retail”, says Lievens. Today, Daikin already avoids the production of 400.000 kg virgin gas per year across Europe through its circular economy initiatives.

Takayuki Kamekawa, Vice-President Sales of Daikin Europe

Proximity strategy pays off

Last fiscal year, many industries were impacted by global supply shortages of parts and components. These were caused by Covid restrictions and general disruptions in supply chains. Although Daikin Europe has also felt their impact, the company’s proximity strategy has been able to ward off the most adverse effects. “We have always strived to develop and manufacture our products as close as possible to the markets that we serve. This enables us to respond in a flexible manner to market demand and makes us less vulnerable to external factors. Throughout the years, we have also built long-standing relations with strategic suppliers. As a result, we have been able to outperform the market and grow our market share,” emphasizes Hiromitsu Iwasaki, Vice-President Manufacturing of Daikin Europe.

“85% of Daikin units sold in our CE-region are produced in our factories across Europe. Our promise is ‘Made in Europe for Europe’. Moreover, our customers can rely on the biggest sales and service partner network of 2,500 installers and distributors in Central and Eastern Europe”, continues Lievens. With Your Daikin World at the Vienna headquarters the HVAC-R industry and the construction sector is invited to co-create tailor-made solutions for hotels, retail, offices or large commercial applications in a modern experience center together with Daikin experts. It also includes 1 out of 9 unique trainings centres across the region.


Daikin Central Europe: 100 new positions to fill in 2022

Daikin Central Europe is a fast-growing company. The workforce has doubled in the past five years to 560 employees in 2021 with 110 new employees that joined during last fiscal year alone. In 2022, around 100 positions will be filled in the region and by 2025 the company will grow the team to 900 professionals. “This also means that we have to transform the organisation. Hereby, we follow a people-centred management approach and invest currently among others in leadership development with a tailor-made leadership curriculum for executives on various levels and in various functions”, says Lievens who is also a certified systemic change manager.

*HVAC-R market = market for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration
Hiromitsu Iwasaki, Vice-President Manufacturing of Daikin Europe

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Your Daikin World

Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, as a subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V.. The company's portfolio comprises products and solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, air purification and refrigeration. More than 560 employees and 2,500 partners are responsible for sales and service activities in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia). With Your Daikin World at the Vienna headquarters, the HVAC-R industry and the construction sector has access to a modern experience center for co-creating tailor-made solutions for hotels, retail, offices or large commercial applications. It also includes one out of 9 trainings-centers in the region of Daikin Central Europe.
Daikin Europe N.V.
Daikin Europe N.V. is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. and the leading provider of heating, cooling, ventilation, air purification and refrigeration technology. The company designs, manufactures and brings to market a broad portfolio of equipment, as well as tailored-made solutions for residential, commercial and industrial purposes in Europe, Middle East and Africa. To date, Daikin Europe N.V. has over 12,000 employees across more than 24 EMEA affiliates. It has 12 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Austria and the UK. The headquarters of the Daikin Europe Group are in Belgium, Ostend. The company was established in 1972, production in Europe started in 1973.
Daikin Industries Ltd.
Daikin Industries Ltd. based in Osaka, Japan, employs around 89,000 people worldwide and achieved sales of around 23,7 billion Euro in fiscal year 2021 (April 21 – March 22). The company is the global market leader for heat pump and air conditioning systems, as well as air filtration. Daikin Industries Ltd. is the only air conditioning manufacturer in the world that develops and produces all important components such as refrigerants, compressors and electronics in-house.
Media contact
Doris Passler
Corporate Communications Central Europe
T.: +43 664 24 56 444
Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH
Lemböckgasse 59/1/1
1230 Vienna


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