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Daikin Emura scoops Good Design Award

Press release, December 2022

Following on from earlier gains in 2022, the Daikin Emura residential air conditioning solution has received further international accolade as a Best 100 product winner in this year’s Good Design Award.

Brussels, December 2022 – Celebrating 65 years of iconic design, the Good Design Award is managed by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Designers and manufacturers worldwide are evaluated by the Award Jury against a range of criteria including innovation, aesthetics and their role in shaping society and the environment for future good. 


The Best 100 Award Winner status was granted to Daikin Emura residential air conditioning solution, combining a wall-mounted indoor unit, outdoor unit and remote controller. As a winner in the Best 100 category, Daikin Emura  will be part of the Good Design Award yearbook and is featured in the award’s  online gallery.

Setting the benchmark

Since its first launch, Daikin Emura has been recognized as leading the way in home air conditioning, combining superior functionality and energy performance to maximize indoor comfort and useability in an iconic design. This latest award acknowledges the further enhancements delivered by the latest generation Daikin Emura 3.

“Our innovative products and solutions are designed to improve people’s health and well-being and reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling. The Good Design Award endorses our technical and product design capability in delivering ongoing customer comfort and satisfaction while working towards carbon neutrality,” says Hiroyasu Kosuge, brand designer at the Daikin Technology and Innovation Center, Osaka, Japan.

In a class of its own

The second generation of Daikin Emura stood out from the Daikin portfolio due to its distinct long curved front panel. The third generation Daikin Emura pushes the boundaries even further, available in three colours, matte white, silver and matte black. Its design incorporates curves in both its front and back panels and creates shadows that both emphasise the shape and hide the unit’s fan. In addition, the new Daikin Emura also features unique moving panels, first seen on the Daikin Stylish model. The front panels move while in operation and further enhance the unit’s shadow play. The curved aesthetic was also translated onto the new remote control, redesigned to be more straightforward and user-friendly and available in the same three colours as the units.


Smart and beautiful

While design is at the core of the new Daikin Emura, the European made air-conditioner also offers a variety of features and functions to meet modern consumer needs:

Air-treatment: Good indoor air quality has become paramount in recent years. For this reason, the designers of the new Daikin Emura also incorporated Daikin’s signature Streamer Technology that catches harmful substances from the air, such as viruses, allergens and odours and then breaks them down to safe atoms and water molecules. In addition, the units have a built-in titanium deodorising filter, a silver allergen filter and a standard air filter, to help keep the indoor air free from pollutants.

Smart control: Daikin Emura users can control their unit straight from the palm of their hand with the Onecta smartphone app or via their smart home assistants (such as Google assistant or Amazon Alexa). The Onecta app also allows them to set up programmes for their unit, manage the temperature and operation mode plus access reports on energy consumption.

Advanced airflow: Features such as the Coanda effect utilise the specially designed flaps to ensure maximum reach of airflow even in larger rooms. Working alongside the Coanda effect, is the intelligent thermal sensor which scans the room for occupancy and air temperature and signals the unit to direct the airflow away from occupants and to uneven temperature areas. 

Environmentally conscious

Energy efficient: Daikin Emura is engineered to perform no matter the season and provide year-round comfort with seasonal efficiency up to A+++ for heating and cooling, resulting in a lesser environmental impact and bigger savings on energy bills.

R-32 refrigerant: R-32 is known in the industry for its lower Global Warming Potential (GWP), synonymous with high efficiency and simplifying reusability whilst improving on the standards set by the previous generations of refrigerants.

The new Daikin Emura is available across all Daikin Flagship stores and partners in Central and Eastern Europe since May 2022. Those interested in taking a closer look at the Daikin Emura and getting a virtual look into how the unit can look like in their homes can do so by downloading the Daikin 3D app.

Three prestigious awards

The Best 100 Good Design 2022 is the third award for Daikin Emura 3 in a row following the reddot Product Design Award 2022 and the iF Design Award 2022 rewarding remarkable product innovation and design.

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