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Introducing the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller in the Split version

Press release, September 2022

After being launched in 2021, Daikin’s R-32 Small Inverter Chiller range has been extended with a Split version, which is available since September 2022. 


Vienna, September 2022 – The new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split offers the same energy efficiency performances and environmental sustainability features that come with the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller in the packaged version, extending its application possibilities to glycol free installations in cold climates. It is available as heat pump version, delivering cooling and heating capacities from 16 kW to 90 kW. As stock unit the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split enables fast delivery to customer sites.

Wide range – from comfort to process applications

The new version stands for compactness, a wide operating envelope, the best energy efficiency levels in the market – both in cooling and heating mode – and the lowest direct and indirect CO2 emission levels. Quiet operation, reduced footprint, advanced connectivity, and wide operating limits make the R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split an ideal solution for a wide range of HVAC projects from comfort to process applications. It is designed to cope with an extended ambient temperature range of -20 ˚C to 35 ˚C, and can produce hot water up to 60 °C.


Notable among outstanding features offered as standard are

·       the Daikin design DC-Inverter Scroll compressors1),

·       the optimized Cu-AI Coils2),

·       the brazed plate heat exchangers and

·       high efficiency Daikin design DC-Inverter fans with a selectable silent mode, and an inverter pump kit.


Besides, the Split version allows components such as expansion valves, pumps and heat exchangers, to be placed in a dedicated box, specifically designed for indoor installation to protect components and piping from cold weather, and allow glycol free installation even in extremely cold climates.


Smart control

Smart control solutions for this series are specifically designed to reach the highest level of performance, system flexibility, connectivity and monitoring:

  • The R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split can communicate with any external BMS3) and
  • offers the Master and Slave option as a standard – allowing to sequence and connect up to four units with one of them selected as master unit.
  • Including Daikin on Site – Daikin’s proprietary cloud platform for remote monitoring and system optimization full control of the units through detailed monitoring, online alarm troubleshooting and remote control is ensured.
  • Enhanced abilities to connect the unit to a mobile configuration app makes commissioning easy and quick.


Leadership in R-32 technology

The Small Inverter Chiller-Split strengthens Daikin’s leadership in the design and development of products featuring R-32 refrigerant. In 2018, Daikin was an early innovator by introducing the first R-32 refrigerant chillers, followed by free-cooling scroll units the same year, and the R-32 Heat Pump in 2020. Today, Daikin is the brand with the highest number of R-32 installations in the world, as a testimony to the experience, the knowledge, the quality, and the reliability of its R-32 products. With the introduction of the new R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split, the Japanese company continues leading the way towards innovative and sustainable solutions for the air conditioning sector. R-32 Small Inverter Chiller – Split is available now in 16 markets of Daikin’s Central Europe region.

For more information visit R-32 Small Inverter Chiller | Daikin (

1)       DC = direct current
2)       Cu-Al = Copper-Aluminium
3)       BMS = Building Management System
Copyrights pictures: Daikin
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