EWAT-B chiller


First air cooled multi-scroll heat pump with environmental-friendly R-32 refrigerant

Daikin, world’s first company introducing a new generation of air cooled scroll chiller series with refrigerant R-32.

Daikin, world’s first company introducing a new generation of air cooled scroll chiller series with refrigerant R-32.

First in the market to introduce air-to-water heat pumps with R-32 refrigerant, Daikin raises the bar with the release of a new series expanding the Daikin Bluevolution R-32 range, increasing efficiency in full load and part load conditions and consequently reducing the running costs.


Why has Daikin introduced R-32 models?

The global warming potential of R-32 refrigerant is 675, which is only one third compared to commonly used refrigerant R-410. Thanks to the lower flammability classification (R-32 refrigerant falls into category class A2L in ISO817), it can be safely used in many applications including chilled water systems. As a single component refrigerant, R-32 is also easier to recycle and reuse another environmental plus in its favour.

Why has Daikin introduced R-32 models?

Why choose EWYT-B heat pump series?

  • Environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and low flammability classification can be safely used in many applications
  • Comfort cooling and heating applications
  • Wide capacity range from 80kW to 670 kW
  • Two efficiency versions with COP up to 3,5 (at nominal conditions): gold (high efficiency) and silver (standard efficiency).
  • Top class efficiency, SEER up to 4,92 and SCOP up to 4,06
  • Three sound configurations: standard, low and reduced - each one designed to meet stringent acoustic requirements
  • Two different layouts: parallel coil (standardly equipped with continuous fan speed modulation) and double V coil
  • Outstanding reliability: one or two independent refrigerant circuits with two or three compressors
  • Extended operating range, hot water up to 60°C
  • Fully compatible with the Daikin on Site cloud-based platform including remote monitoring, system optimization and preventive maintenance
  • Master/Slave control as standard, allowing the management of up to 4 units without any external control devices
  • Extensive option list (more than 70) in order to provide full customisation based on project-specific requirements

Two different layouts


Parallel Coils Layout

  • Slim layout
  • One or two circuits available
  • Standardly equipped with continuous fan speed modulation VFD

Double-V Coils Layout

  • Outstanding reliability with two independent refrigerant circuits with two or three compressors
  • Higher flexibility with three sound configurations for both high and standard efficiency
EWAT-B extensive option lists

Extensive option lists

Including new options:


  • Buffer tank 

Unit mounted buffer tank available all across the range for plug and play solution.

  • Partial heat recovery 

Introduction of condensation control allowing to mantain heat recovery capacity at lower ambient temperatures with unit operating at full capacity



  • Master/Slave supplied as standard

Master/Slave functionality allowing to manage up to 4 units on the same system without the need of external control devices


  • Fan Silent Mode

The parallel coil units and units with VFD option are standardly equipped with Fan Silent Mode, which reduces fan velocity and therefore unit sound emission on scheduled time bands, enhancing comfort during night operation


  • VFD pumps and variable flow control 

›  Variable pump speed control via external 0-10 volt signal
›  “Thermostat on” and “thermostat off” pump speed management
›  Variable primary flow control




››  Android app

››  Replicate the controller of the unit

››  Operate on the unit by remote smart device (tablet, smartphone, PC)

››  Soon available on PlayStore


EWAT-B connectivity

Connection to Intelligent Chiller Manager

Daikin can offer the Intelligent Chiller Manager option, allowing energy optimisation of the system and, when necessary, full customization of the control solutions to the specific installation’s needs even in case of more complex installation:

››  High number of units

››  Cooling and Heating mode

››  Peripheral controls


Daikin on Site

Fully compatible with Daikin on Site cloud based platform that allows a number of advanced functionalities including:

››  Remote monitoring,

››  System optimization

››  Preventive maintenance

Remote access with one click via LAN or GSM modem

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