Specifications Table for EHBH-E9W

Casing Colour   White + Black
  Material   Resin, sheet metal
Dimensions Unit Height Mm 840
    Width Mm 440
    Depth Mm 390
Weight Unit kg 42.4
PED Category   Art4.3, See note 1
Sound power level Nom. dBA 42 (4)
Sound pressure level Nom. dBA 28 (5)
Power supply Name   See note 7
Electric heater Power supply Name   9W
    Phase   3~
    Frequency Hz 50
    Voltage V 400
  Recommended fuses A 20.000 (8)
Notes (1) - PED unit category: Art3§3: excluded from scope of PED due to article 1, item 3.6 of 97/23/EC
  (2) - Operation area is extended to lower flow rates only in case the unit operates with heat pump only. (Not in startup, no BUH operation, no defrost operation).
  (3) - Excluding the water in the unit. This minimum water volume is sufficient for most applications. During critical processes extra water may be required.
  (4) - DB/WB 7°C/6°C - LWC 35°C (DT=5°C)
  (5) - Sound values are measured in a semi-anechoic room. Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. For more details, please refer to the sound level drawings. Sound power level is an absolute value that a so
  (6) - For more details, see operation range drawing
  (7) - Above mentioned power supply for control box is for booster heater only. The switchbox of the controller box is supplied via the outdoor unit. The optional domestic hot water tank has a separate power supply.
  (8) - 4 pole 20 A curve 400V tripping class C (refer to wiring diagram)
  (9) - Select diameter and type according to national and local regulations