Indoor unit FDA125A5VEB
Outdoor unit RZASG125M7Y1B
Cooling capacity Nom. kW 12.1 (1)
Heating capacity Nom. kW 13.5 (2)
Space cooling Capacity Pdesign kW 12.1
  SEER   5.03
  ηs,c % 198
  Annual energy consumption kWh/a 1,444
  A Condition (35°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 12.10
    EERd   2.56
    Power input kW 4.73
  B Condition (30°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 8.92
    EERd   4.03
    Power input kW 2.21
  C Condition (25°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 5.74
    EERd   5.89
    Power input kW 0.97
  D Condition (20°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 3.10
    EERd   7.31
    Power input kW 0.42
Space heating (Average climate) Capacity Pdesign kW 6.00
  SCOP/A   3.58
  SCOPnet/A   3.58
  ηs,h % 140
  Annual energy consumption kWh/a 2,346
  Required back up heating cap at design conditions kW 0.00
  TOL Tol (temperature operating limit) °C -10
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 6.00
    COPd (declared COP)   2.54
    Power input kW 2.36
  TBivalent Tbiv (bivalent temperature) °C -10
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 6.00
    COPd (declared COP)   2.54
    Power input kW 2.36
  A Condition (-7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 5.30
    COPd (declared COP)   2.76
    Power input kW 1.92
  B Condition (2°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 3.23
    COPd (declared COP)   3.54
    Power input kW 0.91
  C Condition (7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 2.29
    COPd (declared COP)   4.27
    Power input kW 0.54
  D Condition (12°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 2.65
    COPd (declared COP)   5.00
    Power input kW 0.53
Power consumption in other than active mode Thermostat-off mode PTO Heating W 15
      Cooling W 0
  Standby mode Cooling PSB W 15
    Heating PSB W 15
  Crankcase heater mode PCK W 0
  Off mode POFF W 15
Indication if the heater is equipped with a supplementary heater (pair application) No
Cooling Cdc (Degradation cooling)   0.25
Heating Cdh (Degradation heating)   0.25
Cooling function included Yes
Heating function included Yes
Average climate included Yes
Cold season included No
Warm season included No
Ecolabel logo No
Notes Cooling: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB; equivalent piping length: 5m (horizontal); level difference: 0m
  Nominal heating capacities are based on: indoor temperature: 20°CDB, outdoor temperature: 7°CDB, 6°CWB, equivalent refrigerant piping: 5m, level difference: 0m.