Uni-block system for low and medium temperature refrigeration


For wall mounted installation in small and medium sized cold rooms


Product Features

  • Rapid mounting on the wall of the cold room by straddle-mounting, which is ideal for new installations or through-wall mounting, which is ideal for refurbishment projects
  • Metallic grey coloured finish of the outdoor unit
  • The white colour of the evaporator blends unobtrusively with the cold room walls
  • Compressor compartment insulated with suitable soundproofing material to reduce sound levels
  • Microchannel condensers available in order to reduce the refrigerant charge as much as possible and ensuring higher energy efficiency
  • The units are provided with a new generation control panel with an easy-to-use interface


  • Reciprocating compressor

    Reciprocating compressor

    The reciprocating type compressor consist of cylinder, pistons and valves. The compression is accomplished by reciprocating movements of the piston in the cylinder

Technical details


Installation manuals
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Operation manuals
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