Rooftop with 3 dampers


Integrated fresh air solution with extraction damper and thermodynamic heat recovery


Product Features

  • Integrated extraction damper and fan ensures an optimal pressure balance inside the building
  • Thermo dynamic heat recovery, recovers waste heat through the outdoor heat exchanger
  • Reduced CO2 equivalent thanks to the use of lower GWP R-32 refrigerant
  • Highly efficient ERP compliant models, meeting the latest eco-design requirements
  • Easy to install ‘plug and play’ concept; no additional piping is required since this is a packaged unit
  • Free cooling with up to 100% fresh air intake, saving on energy consumption and improving indoor air quality
  • Available as Made-To-Stock units and Made-To-Order units with extensive option package
  • Demand controlled fresh air management thanks to the CO2 sensor connection available as accessory
  • 25mm double skinned panels ensure long-lasting life and provide good thermal and sound insulation
  • Lastest pCO5 controller allows direct integration with Daikin BMS, or third party BMS via BACnet or Modbus
  • Clogged filter alarm indicates when filter requires cleaning, improving air quality and efficiency
  • Flexible supply and return air connection
  • Wide operation range in cooling (-15 ~ 48°C) and heating (-15 ~ 20°C)


  • Inverter


    Inverter compressors continuously adjust compressor speed to actual demand. Fewer power-consuming starts and stops result in decreased energy consumption (up to 30%) and more stable temperatures.

Technical details