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Daikin Emura

Long-term investment for a total climate solution

Buying the new generation of air conditioning doesn’t mean you're losing money,
but investing in your future. Daikin Emura is a top product that combines
top energy efficiency with award-winning design, offering you
the perfect interior atmosphere in any season.

With Daikin Emura, you can have heating, cooling and air purifing, without additional costs. Its heat pumps extract heat from the air, which lowers heating bill each month. Due to inverter technology, the air conditioner no longer consumes large amounts of energy during the cooling process.

Cut the costs and save on long term! Using 80% renewable energy from the air and 20% electricity during heating and due to our inverter technology, Daikin Emura achieves top energy performances up to A+++, increasing savings by 30%. Also, the intelligent mode and energy efficent settings reduce excess consumption in any season. 

Free control of your home atmosphere! The Wi-Fi adapter integrated in this unit allows you to fully control your air conditioner from everywhere, anytime, easily from your smarphone or tablet. Download the Online Controller app and you can change the thermostat, set temperature schedules or review your energy consumption with no extra costs.

What other benefits you will get if you buy a Daikin Emura system?


  • Cooling, heating and air purification with one unit.
  • Award-winning design, elegant shape and stylish look.
  • Absolute comfort due to smart features integrated in the unit.
  • Fresh and clean air thanks to the silver allergen removal and air purifying filter that capture 99% of allergens such as pollen and dust mites.
  • Whisper quiet  with sound levels down to 19dB(A).

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