How does the combination of innovation and creativity look like?


Are you looking for a new air conditioner, but still want to maintain the appealing style of your home? We have the perfect solution - Stylish, an air conditioner inspired by contemporary art. Thanks to its innovative design, compact dimensions and distinctive colors, the unit perfectly blends into your living space.

Depending on the visual angle, Stylish’s silhouette can be perceived as both linear and rounded. Being versatile and not a self-conclusive design, it makes the final picture complete, when integrated into your living space.


You can choose from 3 distinct colors & textures that match
the visionary atmosphere you enjoy in your living space.






When you choose Stylish you choose the winner of the Good Design Award 2017.

This is the confirmation of its innovative aspect and functional capabilities.





As well as the appealing design, your home deserves a premium interior climate.

With Stylish you will experience the ultimate comfort and you will discover new features of the enjoyable atmosphere:


 Perfect room temperature & air distribution due to Grid Eye sensor & Coanda effect

 Unbelievably quiet operation thanks to redesigned fans that runs efficiently within Stylish’s compact dimensions

 The freshest and purest air by using 3 different air filtration systems

 A+++ energy label for cooling & heating

 Easy climate control using your smartphone, simply connect to Wi-Fi and download the Daikin Online Controller app.



Looking for the air conditioner of the future?