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Stylish air conditioner

Outstanding performance and environmental safety


Environment protection is in our nature!
With the new Stylish air conditioner, which is both
sustainable and elegant, we take care of your home climate
and of Mother Earth, at the same time.

Thankfully, due to our impressive developments in green technology,
you can now experience the ultimate interior comfort,
without compromising the planet’s health.


Using the new generation refrigerant R-32, with lower environmental impact, Stylish delivers the highest efficiency in the design segment and scores A+++, for both heating and cooling. Thanks to its all-new component designs, this unit is one of the most energy efficient air conditioner available on the market today, fitting perfectly in your green house.

To achieve higher energy efficiency, Daikin designed a new fan that runs efficiently within Stylish’s compact dimensions. Together, the fan and heat exchanger attain top energy performance but operate at a sound level that is practically inaudible, making your home the perfect place to relax.

What’s more? R-32 refrigerant guarantees reduced electricity consumption up to approximately 10% compared to the air conditioners using refrigerant R-22, which means more running costs savings. Furthermore, compared to the refrigerants widely used today, R-32 has a global warming potential (GWP) that is one-third lower and is remarkable for its low environmental impact. 


Stylish is not just an environmentally friendly air conditioner, but also a unit that reveals the perfect interior atmosphere.
It gets the perfect balance between the best performance and design, offering you more benefits:

  • A compact and functional design, available in 3 distinct colors. Yes, an eco-friendly solution can finally have an excellent design, too.  
  • Perfect room temperature & air distribution due to Grid Eye sensor & Coanda effect.
  • The freshest and purest air by using 3 different air filtration systems.
  • Easy climate control using your smartphone, simply connect to Wi-Fi and download the Daikin Online Controller app.




Looking for a sustainable air conditioning for your eco-friendly home?