How Cool is that!

Working at Daikin CE - How it will be

Onboarding – Meet your team

We communicate on eye-level – through all levels. In your first days you will get to know all your co-workers and develop a personal training plan.


Introduction Days – Explore Daikin!

All new employees are invited to the Introduction Days at Daikin CE HQ, where they get:

  • Impressions of the company
  • A feeling for the team
  • To meet new colleagues
  • An overview of all different departments and Human Resource processes

Also, you will visit our unique Flagship Store. Get some first impressions here


Buddy Programme - Get support!

Not just cool, but also a warm welcome. You will get a buddy from another department which is there for all your questions – processes, yummy lunch places or culture. Your buddy will guide you the way.



Environment at Daikin – How we work

Christmas party, congresses or team activities? We take them all.

However, not only our parties are All-In but also our contracts.
Admittedly, sometimes we work a lot. But we will always find a flexible and sound solution to compensate.


Our Benefits – What is in for you

People are the key to success. That is why Daikin offers cool benefits:

  • For later: Pension Provision
  • For more flexibility: Mobile Working
  • For the perfect work-life-balance: Flexible working time
  • For new adventures: Sabbatical
  • For the best shape: Participation at BusinessRuns, Marathons
  • For the hunger: Meal vouchers

The Guideline - Our Values and Principles

We have 3 values, which we rely on:


Absolute Credibility

Absolute Credibility

We build relationships based on trust and openness.

Harmonious Personal Relations

Harmonious Personal Relations 

We work together to reach our goals.

Enterprising Management

Enterprising Management

We encourage and reward the initiatives of all employees.

Additionally, we have 4 Core Principles, which are relevant for our work

We are Entrepreneurs

80% for my job – 20% for the team

We trust

Our vision – our way

We are consequent

Start – stop – continue – improve

We are self-responsible

Think big – act small – move fast

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