Is your home ready for the cold? We got you covered

Whether you are renovating your home, building a new one or simply looking for a new unit for heating or cooling and hot water. We want to give you answers and solutions to any need. Our Daikin Solutions Hub is a place dedicated to providing you with all of the key information you might need when you are trying to answer questions like: What type of heating is best for my home? How does a heat pump work? Are air conditioners a good solution for heating?

Guides on What's, Whys and Hows

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Seasonal Tips and Tricks

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Solutions for your home

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Guides on What's, Why's and How's

Looking for information on how to use your existing heating systems more efficiently or understanding what a home comfort system such as air-to-water heat pump is? Take a look through our content below and find answers to some of your most burning questions.

All things heating


5 benefits of heating with air conditioners

Air conditioners can be a great alternative source for heating especially in the autumn months. Find out more about the benefits of heating with ACs.


Understand your AC's features and functions

Air conditioners are more flexible than you may think, knowing what your unit can do helps use it more efficiently, save costs plus provide new benefits


8 underfloor heating myths

Underfloor heating is still a fairly new concept for many however it's still one of the most sustainable and cost-efficient heating systems available.

Home comfort systems


Getting to know the basics of heat pumps

Heat pumps are said to be the heating and hot water solution of the future, but before making any big investments it's important to first understand what heat pumps are and what do they do.

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Are heat pumps worth the investmeent?

To understand why a heat pump is worth the long-term investment, you need see how the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost. Here are five things to consider when trying to answer "why is a heat pump worth the investment?".

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What is heat pump maintenance and why you need it

Heat pumps need maintenance to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Here’s what heat pump maintenance and service includes and why it’s important.

Seasonal Tips and Tricks

How to prepare your AC for cold - title card for seasonal tips

5 easy ways to prepare your air conditioners for Autumn

Air conditioners are a lot like us. They don’t like the changing seasons without the proper preparation; they need a regular check-up to stay in tip-top condition, don’t like to be crowded and always do better if they are clean. If treated correctly, your air conditioning unit will last much longer and run much more efficiently. 

How to prepare AC for colder weather - clean debris around outdoor unit

Clear debris from around your outdoor unit

Outdoor units can be vulnerable to piles of leaves and debris. If the area around your air conditioner is full of leaves, the airflow that your unit relies upon will be blocked, leading to a drop in efficiency and increased risk of a breakdown. If your unit is within easy reach, clear the leaves and debris at least once a week, if not contact your installer or another professional to assist you.

How to prepare AC for cold_open your windows

Be smart about your windows

Compliment the efforts of your heating unit and take advantage of the season. Open your blinds and curtains on warmer days to let the sunshine in and naturally warm the room. Providing your family do not suffer from autumn allergies, you could even open the windows on opposite sides of your home to bring a fresh cross breeze in on warm autumn afternoons.

How to prepare AC for cold_keep schedule

Know your habits and preferences

All your little habits that go unnoticed most of the time can make a big difference to the optimal programming and efficiency of your system. Prefer things to be on the cooler side during the day but cuddle up under your favourite blanket at night time? Reflect your preferences in the programming of your system and make sure that the temperature is automatically lowered right before you get ready for bed.

How to prepare AC for cold_Dont cover unit

Show off!

Don’t hide your indoor unit behind a curtain; they are made to be beautiful, so show them off. Placing indoor units behind a cover will give the system false information as the temperature sensors cannot detect the true room temperature. This directly impacts the energy and time needed to warm up or cool down a room, making it harder for you to create the perfect room climate.

Solutions that fit your needs

Already know what you're looking for? Then we have the right solution for you. Discover our extensive range of heating, cooling and hot water products, suitable for all types of homes and needs.


Multi-split system

Air-to-water low temperature heat pumps

Air-to-water high temperature heat pumps

Ground-source heat pumps

Hybrid heat pumps

Daikin stylish air conditioner in modern sitting room in home

For those looking for a simple and easy to install solution to heating and cooling

Air-conditioners are the most common single unit solutions for a room's heating and cooling needs. Coming in a wide range of shapes, colours, with a variety of features and functions you can find one that matches exactly what you're looking for.

  • Wide range covering any requirement, from optimised features and functions to unique design
  • High energy efficiency up to A+++ in heating and cooling
  • Variety of air purification and humidification features suited to individual needs
  • Smart control options including mobile app and Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant
air conditioning multi split system in bedroom and sitting room apartment. Daikin units Comfora and Emura

For apartments or those with limited outdoor space

The ideal solution for having multiple air conditioning units, such as wall-mounted, floor-mounted or ceiling within your home but only requiring one outdoor unit.

  • Connection of up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit
  • Environmentally and neighbour friendly
  • Individual temperature control for each room
  • Management via mobile app
modern sitting room white parquet floor underfloor heating connected to air to water low temperature heat pump

For new homes and renovations

An all round home comfort system that works best in newer homes or homes utilising modern heating units

  • Energy efficiency up to A+++
  • Management of home's heating and hot water needs
  • Can be combined with underfloor heating, newer radiators, hot water tanks and space heaters
  • Additional savings when combined with solar panels
kitchen with old radiators and hot water  heating with air to water high temperature heat pump

For older homes or homes with older radiators

An easy solution if you want to install an efficient home comfort system that can connect to existing older radiators and can provide heating, hot water and optional cooling.

  • Energy efficiency of up to A+++
  • Integrates and utilises existing units in older buildings
  • Can connect to underfloor heating and heat pump convectors
  • Available in compact design that requires minimal installation space
Modern home with large outdoor for underground connection to ground source heat pump

For new eco-friendly green homes or large scale renovations

The most versatile, efficient and cost-effective home comfort system available which can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. A great investment with significant benefits, best suited for new homes or large scale renovations that can accomodate it's larger installation requirements.

  • Powered by 80% renewable energy and 20% electricity
  • Can manage your hot water and heating needs
  • Comprised of an indoor unit with built in water tank and ground placed piping
  • Can be connected to any indoor unit such as: new radiators, underfloor heating, etc.
Modern home bathroom, shower and bathtub for hot water with hybrid heat pump

For homes requiring a boiler replacement

Hybrid heat pump systems are a combination of an air to water heat pump and a gas condensing boiler. Together they can provide heat that is generated from the best source depending on seasonal conditions and energy prices. The ideal option if you need to replace your boiler and want to take an step towards renewable energy systems.

  • Energy efficiency of A++
  • Smart programming helps save up to 35% more energy
  • Compact design requires minimal installation space
  • Engineered with unique dual heat exchanger