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Heating and Hot Water Home Solutions Hub

The right heating, cooling and hot water system is an important consideration for any home. Whether you are renovating your home, building a new home, want to replace your boiler for something more eco-firendly or simply looking for information on heat pumps and air conditioners. The Daikin Home Solutions Hub is a place dedicated to providing you with all of the key information you might need.

All things home heating, cooling & hot water

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Heating, cooling & hot water solutions

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Essential heat pump & air conditioner information

If you are looking for information on heating, cooling and hot water for your home, this is the place to be. Take a look through our content below and find answers to some of the hottest cooling, heating and hot water questions including: Can heat pumps save you money? How to cut costs on your energy bills? How to choose the right heat pump for your home?

Heating, cooling & hot water solutions for your home

Whether it's heat pumps or air conditioners, heating, hot water or cooling, we have the solution for you. Discover our extensive range suitable for all types of homes and needs.

Daikin stylish air conditioner in modern sitting room in home

An air conditioner is a simple and easy to install unit that can both heat and cool your home or room

Air-conditioners are the most common single unit solutions for a room's heating and cooling needs. Coming in a wide range of shapes, colours, with a variety of features and functions you can find the best air conditioner for you here.

  • Wide range covering any requirement, from optimised features and functions to unique design
  • High energy efficiency up to A+++ in heating and cooling 
  • Variety of air purification and humidification features suited to individual needs 
  • Smart control options including mobile app and Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant
multi split air contioner system in bedroom and sitting room apartment. Daikin units Comfora and Emura

Multi-split systems are great for apartments or those with limited outdoor space

With one single outdoor unit you can connect multiple air conditioning units throughout your home. Wall-mounted, floor-mounted or concealed, this is a best multi room air con solution.

  • Connection of up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit 
  • Environmentally and neighbour friendly 
  • Individual temperature control for each room 
  • Management via mobile app
modern sitting room white parquet floor underfloor heating connected to air to water low temperature heat pump

Best low-temperature heat pumps for new homes and renovations

An air-to-water low-temp heat pump is an all round home comfort system that works best in newer homes or homes utilising modern heating emitters.

  • Energy efficiency up to A+++
  • Management of home's heating, cooling and hot water needs
  • Can be combined with underfloor heating, modern radiators (low-temperature radiators), heat pump convectors and heat pump convectors
  • Additional savings when combined with solar panels
kitchen with old radiators and hot water  heating with air to water high temperature heat pump

Best high-temp heat pumps for older homes or homes with older radiators

An air-to-water high-temp heat pump is a great choice if you want to install an efficient home comfort system that can connect to older radiators and provide heating, hot water and cooling.

  • Energy efficiency of up to A+++
  • Integrates and utilises existing units in older buildings
  • Can connect to older radiators (high-temperature radiators) underfloor heating and heat pump convectors
  • Available in compact design that requires minimal installation space
Modern home with large outdoor for underground connection to ground source heat pump

Best eco-friendly heat pumps for new green homes or large scale renovations

A ground-source heat pump is the most versatile, energy-efficient and cost-effective heat pump available that can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. A great investment with significant benefits, best suited for new homes or large scale renovations that can accomodate it's larger installation requirements.

  • Powered by 80% renewable energy and 20% electricity
  • Can manage your hot water, heating and cooling needs
  • Comprised of an indoor unit with built in water tank and ground placed piping
  • Can be connected to any indoor unit such as: new radiators, underfloor heating, etc.
Modern home bathroom, shower and bathtub for hot water with hybrid heat pump

Best hybrid heat pumps to replace a boiler

Hybrid heat pump systems are a combination of an air-to-water heat pump and a gas condensing boiler. Together they can provide heat that is generated from the best source depending on seasonal conditions and energy prices. The ideal option if you need to replace your boiler and want to take a step towards renewable energy systems.

  • Energy efficiency of up to A++
  • Smart programming helps save up to 35% more energy
  • Compact design requires minimal installation space
  • Engineered with unique dual heat exchanger

Seasonal heating, cooling and hot water tips

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