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Are you breathing clean air?

Find out with the Airlogy Labs microbiological surface diagnostics kit for your home and business. 

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality in a building or structure, breathed in every day by the building’s occupants.

Did you know that the indoor air we breathe, whether at home, at the office, or in a hotel room could in fact be much more polluted than the air outside?

  • 90% of our lives is spent indoors
  • Indoor air quality can be 2 to 5x worse than outdoor air quality

Effect of Indoor Air Pollutants on our Health

  • Long-term exposure to pollutants present indoors can cause a constant inflammatory state and toxicity for the human body and consequently a large variety of diseases (e.g. cancer, cardiovascular or pulmonary disease like asthma)
  • Pollutants can also act as carriers for viruses (e.g. aerosol/droplet transmission of coronavirus).
  • It is therefore important to reduce the particle and pollutant concentration to minimize exposure and the risk of spreading of viruses and other contaminants.

Airlogy Microbiological Surface Diagnostics Kit

Airlogy Microbiological Surface Diagnostics Kit

With this simple kit we can help you to identify the presence of possible pathogens like bacteria, yeast or mould and assess their quantity, which is an important criterion for clean air.

scientific analysis of the surface samples taken at your premises (from the air conditioning or ventilation system, or any other surface in the room) can reveal potential microbiological threats for your customers and staff.

How does it work?

1. To take the swab sample from a surface, please follow the step-by-step instructions inside the box. Simply scan the QR code provided on the box and you will be guided through all needed steps online.

We recommend to take the surface sample from the air conditioning unit, the ventilation grille or directly from a wall.

Airlogy swab sample of A/C indoor unit

A/C indoor unit

Airlogy swab sample of ventilation grill

Ventilation grill

Airlogy swab sample of the wall


2. Return the sample in the provided envelope and drop this off at your local post office. Postage is paid, so there will be NO COST for you!

3. Your sample will be cultured for a while. After the analysis of your sample in the Airlogy laboratories you can expect to receive the results within a few weeks!

Daikin’s Indoor Air Quality specialists will come back to you and provide a free-of-charge assessment report and improvement recommendations.

About Airlogy Labs

Airlogy Labs logo

Airlogy Labs is a Slovakian start-up.

They are specialized in the scientific analysis of indoor air and surfaces, revealing potential microbiological threats.

So far, they have analysed more than 1100 interiors and applied 70+ solutions in these industries.



The analysis covers three levels of identified threats:

1. Bacteria - Bacteria are unicellular prokaryotic organisms. Although they occur in air naturally, some represent a health risk. In assessing air quality, the quantity of bacteria in the air is crucial.

Correct microbiological air diagnostics can detect the presence of possible pathogens and monitor their quantity, which is an important criterion of clean air.

2. Mould - Mould belongs to another group of microorganisms that can negatively affect air quality. It multiplies by spores spreading through the air over long distances and can cause allergic reactions or respiratory illnesses.

3. Yeast - Also known as mycosis, like bacteria, yeasts multiplication increases health risk significantly. Possible pathogens cause various infectious diseases.


What are the top conditions for microorganisms?

Microorganisms thrive under stable conditions that interiors provide: increased humiditypoor ventilation, and neglected air-conditioning. Trapped on dust, walls, various equipment, and devices such as air-conditioning systems, microorganisms flourish from these ideal conditions that can be hardly found outside.


What do the results show?

The report shows your samples after cultivation, including the information about the discovered microorganism species, as well as their quantities.


Bad results, good news

Even a report indicating higher contamination is no reason to panic. We will recommend a suitable solution.

Daikin Indoor Air Quality Services

You can analyse and test your Indoor Air Quality through Airlogy or the Daikin IAQ sensor, even if there is no HVAC system installed.

Additionally, Daikin offers IAQ monitoring for analysis, optimization and improvement of your HVAC system with a total focus on Indoor Air Quality.

  • Indoor air quality audit
  • Fresh Air program for optimization of settings
  • Customized action plan with improvement and countermeasures



IАQ Sensor

Our new Indoor Air Quality sensor measures your well-being and tracks indoor air quality parameters, environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution. It is available with 12 sensors and 15 parameters, and it connects through your WiFi network or via NB-IoT technology.

We support you with our expertise to verify the status of your HVAC system and give you a clear report of the condition of your A/C system, Air Handling Units, ducts, ventilation units and indoor units.

We identify an immediate set of actions that will improve the capability of your system to increase the fresh air in the indoor ambient and reduce the recirculation of dust.

Daikin Service Experts support you to identify any improvable point of your HVAC system, with a dedicated set of options from our full range of services and experience.


IAQ service portfolio illustration