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Daikin low-temperature heat pumps

Air-to-water low temperature solutions for your home

Heat pumps are an excellent all-round heating, cooling and hot water management system. 

 With excellent efficiency ratings, potentially no emissions and the ability to connect to a variety of different emitters they can amount to significant savings on annual energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and meet any heating, cooling and hot water needs you may have.

Complete integration

Low-temperature heat pumps can be connected to a wide range of heating and cooling emitters and hot water systems creating a perfect environment throughout the home, no matter the season.

Lower energy costs

For every kilowatt of electricity used in a heat pump generates between 3 to 4 kilowatts of renewable heat from the air resulting in a 300 – 400% efficiency improvement.

Lower emissions

A heat pump produces no local emissions, and when connected to an environmentally friendly electricity source, potentially ensures a lifetime of emission-free operation.

High life expectancy

Heat pumps typically have a once-a-year maintenance and service requirement, keeping up with maintenance needs can easily increase their lifespan to more than 10 years.

Low-temperature heat pump solutions

Something for every type of home 

Whether it's for a new built home, a green home or a large scale renovation Daikin low-temperature heat pumps come in different sizes, designs (such as floor-standing or wall-mounted) and functionalities making it easier to find one that suits your home, available space and needs.

Altherma 3 R F

Floor-standing unit with integrated hot water tank 

All-in-one: Heating, cooling, and hot water management with just one unit.

Bi-zone model: Option for customisable temperature of two separate zones in your home.

Smart control: Operation management via the Onecta app or voice-control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


The perfect choice if: 

  • You want a single solution to manage your home’s heating, cooling and hot water needs. 
  • You already have or are planning on underfloor heating
  • You are looking for a long-term and reliable system with minimal service and maintenance needs. 



Altherma 3 R ECH2O

Floor-standing unit with integrated thermal store 

Smart-Grid ready: Efficiently stores thermal energy for space heating, cooling and hot water production.

Fresh water principle: Guaranteed hygienic water with extra protection against legionella as water heats as it passes through the unit.  

Bivalent model: Option to combine with additional heat sources for extra efficiency and less energy consumption


The perfect choice if: 

  • You already have or are planning to install solar panels in your home  
  • You want to have a green home that maximises energy efficiency 
  • You already have or are planning to utilise additional heat sources 


Altherma 3 R W

Wall-mounted unit

Fully compact: Ideal option for homes with limited installation space

Flexible connection: Can seamlessly connect to either domestic hot water tank or thermal stores

Smart control: Operation management via the Onecta app or voice-control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


The perfect choice if:

  • You have an existing hot water tank
  • You have limited space or would like to have your units in a discreet location
  • You want to replace an existing boiler


Altherma 3 M

Outdoor monobloc

Single outdoor unit: Complete management of your heating, hot water and optional hot water needs from one outdoor unit

Versatile connections: Can seamlessly connect to heating or cooling emitters and hot water systems

Hands-free control: Operation management via the Onecta app or voice-control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


The perfect choice if: 

  • You have limited space or would rather not make any changes to your interior 
  • You have an existing hot water system 
  • You have or are planning to install underfloor heating

Low-temperature heat pump emitter combinations

Daikin low-temperature heat pumps are designed to work for you, that’s why they can be combined with different emitters to meet any need you have, whether it’s heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation or all of the above.  

Underfloor heating

Completely space-saving and efficient, pairing underfloor heating with a low temperature heat pump ensures a steady temperature throughout your home.

Heat pump convectors

One of the best connection options for your heat pump. Daikin HPCs work in a similar way as traditional radiators with added functionality of cooling and fresh air supply. 

Low-temperature radiators

Made for efficiency using approximately 30% less energy and lower temperatures (between 45°C and 55°C) in contrast to older radiators (between 70°C and 80°C).

Solar panels

Offering additional energy efficiency for you in the long-term, reducing your energy bills and limiting the environmental impact. 

Hot water tanks and thermal stores

For non-integrated units. Daikin’s offering provides both a pressure-less system for new homes or pressurised solar powered system for existing homes. 

Not sure where to start? 

Let us help!

Complete the form today and one of our team of experts will be in touch with you to arrange a one-to-one customised consultation to discuss which heating, cooling or hot water system is best for your home and your needs.

Alternatively, take a look at our Home Solutions Hub to find out everything you need to know about heating, heating with air conditioners and heat pumps.

Frequently asked questions

A heat pump is a “middle-man” that can seamlessly manage a home’s heating, cooling and hot water needs through its connections to different emitters such as: underfloor heating, heat pump convectors and domestic hot water tanks. 


A heat pump works by effectively creating a circuit. This circuit begins where the available heat is drawn from the outside air, transferred to the refrigerant, which then transports and transfers it to your heating system, creating warm air or water for space and central heating, as well as hot water for domestic use.

Low-temperature heat pumps can be combined with a variety of different low-temperature emitters. Low-temperature refers to the range of leaving water temperature and low-temperature emitters are more commonly modern ones. Being an air-to-water low-temperature heat pump it also means that it works with other "wet" or "water" based systems such as: underfloor heating, heat pump convectors and low-temperature radiators. 

Depending on the type of heat pump that you choose, you can also combine it with a hot water tank or thermal store (if you choose a non-integrated model) for domestic hot water production or even solar panels to make your heat pump even more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Low-temperature and high temperature refers to the range of the leaving water temperature, or to put it simply the types of emitters the heat pump is designed for. Low-temperature heat pumps are primarily designed for systems which don't require water temperatures higher than 45°C, like heat pump convectors and underfloor heating, whereas the high-temperature heat pumps are designed for older radiators which require higher water temperatures, sometimes reaching up to 70°C.

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