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Design meets technological excellence.

Combining aesthetics and functionality Stylish was designed to blend seamlessly with your own interior style. Whichever model you choose, you are guaranteed a unique design and state-of-the-art features and functions.

This is Stylish.

Every aspect of Stylish was created to provide the perfect air conditioning solution for your most valuable space: your home. From being the smallest air-conditioner on the market, to offering whisper-quiet functionality and ability to monitor and control remotely via the Daikin Online Controller app, your Summer nights are now a blissful experience.

Love the design, enjoy the silence.

True beauty speaks softly. With Stylish, our engineers developed a completely new ventilator-system to make sure you can enjoy your perfect climate without being disturbed or distracted.


Despite its small size, the new ventilator offers high efficiency, making any room the ideal place to relax, work or live.


The premium climate solution.

Stylish is the perfect example of Daikin’s superior product offering. Boasting an award-winning design, cutting-edge functionality, silent operation and remote control capabilities, Stylish is more than a climate solution, it’s a lifestyle choice.

This is Stylish.

  • Daikin Whisper Mode: Stylish takes comfort to a new level through its less-than-a-whisper operation.
  • Small but powerful: It’s unique to the market size, doesn’t compromise on functionalities.
  • Colour variety: Available in 4 sleek colours guaranteed to match your individual design aesthetic.
  • Energy efficient: Minimised environmental impact and high cost-saving efficiency.