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Air Quality Parameters & HVAC Systems

Measuring and assessing indoor air quality can help to identify improvement areas for a facility’s HVAC system

performance, which when resolved will enhance building occupants comfort level and experience.

Different air quality parameters come into play and need to be assessed and addressed.

Temperature and Humidity

  • Comfort Analysis 
  • Heating / Cooling Efficiency 
  • Microorganism and virus activity

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  • Productivity 
  • Analysis Ventilation Effectiveness 
  • Energy Efficiency

Particulate matter (PM) VOCs

  • Pollutant Source Identifications 
  • Filtration Effectiveness 
  • Ventilation Effectiveness

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Daikin defined a 5 step process for Indoor Air Quality monitoring.

After monitoring the requested area with IAQ sensors, all the data is collected in an assessment report.

Based on that, improvements with Daikin solutions and services can be offered.

The continuous monitoring and support will result in the peace of mind for our customers.

The graph shows you the detailed process.


Step 1

IAQ monitoring via IAQ Sensor 

Monitoring the most critical areas within the building with Daikin IAQ sensors.


Step 2

IAQ assessment

  1. Data Collection & Analysis
  2. IAQ Assessment report 


Generation of a tailor-made IAQ report after 2 weeks of indoor air data collection. 

Report contains the current IAQ status based on various parameters such as CO2, PM and VOC, as well as solution proposals with alternatives.


Step 3

IAQ improvement with Daikin solutions & services

Implementation of solutions based on the IAQ assessment report in case of poor indoor air quality is detected.

Improvements done on the IAQ will be monitored and recorded.


Based on the results, some of the solutions could be:

  • HVAC indoor units and filter assessment
  • Fresh air supply units and filter assessment (for centralised or decentralised ventilation systems)
  • Optimal fresh air requirement analysis
  • Air purification solutions

Step 4

Continuous IAQ monitoring & support

Further monitoring of the indoor air quality is also offered in order to continuously evaluate the status-quo and take necessary countermeasures if needed. 


The result

Peace of mind for your customers

Continuous visualization of the IAQ via a digital screen in your premises in order to provide peace of mind for your customers. Daikin also provides an IAQ quality seal which can be placed on any surface. 


Indoor Air Qualityin Schools, Slovakia

Indoor Air Quality in 20 schools all over Slovakia was monitored and analyzed over the course of 3 months (June, August - September 2021). This included testing and comparing the classroom air quality with & without an air purifier and also with & without a ventilation unit installed. The case study results revealed that IAQ in the classrooms without ventilation is bad and that the measured values often exceeded the allowed and recommended thresholds and therefore is a health risk for students and staff.

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