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 COVID-19: Reachability

 Dear Daikin customer, Dear Daikin partner,
In order to contribute to the battle against the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have decided to send all of our back office staff into so-called “Home Office”.  Since then, our employees are operating our company from their home.

Although all our employees work remotely from home for the time being, you can contact us without any restrictions. Please visit the website of your country, to find the contact possibilities.

Our sales employees operating in the different regions in the country are available as usual and are available for personal meetings as per request and after consultation with them.

Currently, there are no shortages for finished units due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We monitor continuously the impact on our supply & logistics. Several countries have imposed border controls and we are therefore facing longer waiting times at the border stations. Customers will be informed upfront if there is delay of the delivery.  

Also spare parts are available in numerous stock locations throughout Europe, in our regions and in most of our offices or partner locations.

Our Daikin Service team is available for interventions. Any intervention is based on the locally advisable guidelines to ensure the safety of both our customers and our technicians. We advise to bring forward scheduled maintenance as long as the number of involved persons is limited. Please note that our Service team will prioritize critical infrastructure.

We evaluate the situation on a daily base and will inform you in due time about changes to the above mentioned.
In case you have questions, please contact your Daikin representative/contact person.

Best regards,

Your Daikin Central Europe Team

Our mission

We are devoted to providing high-quality products and total climate solutions to create comfortable and sustainable interior environments for all of the people and regions of the world.



Daikin brand

We use our signature technology with cost-effective solutions to shape the future of heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration systems and ensure customers can depend on Daikin for the ultimate in comfort.



We aim to deliver high-quality products in the present, while leading the development of energy-saving technologies for the future.


Environmental responsibility

We lead the way in reducing environmental impact. This is why we incorporate green practices and sustainable solutions at the heart of everything we do.

Daikin for life


Under our “Daikin for life” CSR campaign, the Daikin Central Europe region puts all activities and donations with the background of giving something back to nature and society.

The Daikin Europe Group’s core values are:

  • Absolute Credibility - a commitment to building relationships based on trust and openness with customers, colleagues, business partners, and communities.
  • Enterprising Management - a commitment to building the company through encouraging and rewarding the initiative and excellence of all employees.
  • Harmonious Personal Relations - a commitment to a workplace in which everyone works together with dedication to meet Daikin’s goals and challenges

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of the global Daikin Group, Daikin Europe strives to be a world-class leader in every aspect of its business. Corporate social responsibility is not just a well-meaning initiative at Daikin. It is embedded in the company DNA and shapes the corporate culture. The Core Values, Group Philosophy and Handbook for Corporate Ethics discuss how Daikin wishes to do business and takes up responsibilities to itself and to others.

Group Philosophy

Daikin management has formulated a clear Group Philosophy to form the fundamental mindset which everyone in the Daikin Group can share. The Daikin Group Philosophy empowers everyone in the Group to generate innovative ideas and proposals, make responsible judgements or decisions and take flexible actions in the course of their work.  

Corporate ethics

Daikin’s Corporate Ethics are an expression of fundamental values and represent a framework for decision-making.  It is the personal responsibility and obligation of each member of the Daikin Europe Group to respect high ethical and legal standards of conduct in both letter and spirit, whether or not imposed by law. 

Organisational quality

Over the years, Daikin Europe N.V. has been recognised as a well managed and organised business which meets all European manufacturing standards and is concerned for the safety and wellbeing of its workforce. We meet to exceed all current employment and health & safety regulations, and ensure our employees are effectively trained and supported in the workplace. 

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