Daikin solutions for gym and leisure infrastructure

Comfortable climates for all leisure-oriented applications

Our Daikin climate solutions create comfortable environments for your visitors and reduce your operating costs using energy efficient technologies.

daikin solutions for leisure comfort is key

Sit back and relax

Our heating, cooling and hot water solutions are complete with various features and technologies, such as our Variable Refrigerant Technology, to create the perfect climate.

cut costs and consumption

Cut costs and consumption

Based on your needs and location, we offer a range of renewable solutions that incorporate technologies, such as heat recovery to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill.

manage your energy use

Stay connected and in control

Our Daikin Cloud Service allows you to control multiple building locations from anywhere, so you can always monitor and reduce your spending.

Free time spent comfortably

Whether you relax by letting off steam at the gym or de-stress by wining and dining, we have solutions for all leisure-oriented applications. See what free time looks like with Daikin.

gym & spa leisure

Gym & Spa

Our heat recovery ventilation systems recover energy from the exhaust air and keep fresh air circulating throughout your building, remove stale air and odours, and readjust humidity levels to your preference. Rely on large volumes of hot water generated by efficient heat pump technology to keep showers, baths and steam rooms running at all times.

Museums & exhibitions

Museums & Exhibitions

Precise and smart control of air quality is easy with our online controllers. Keep a stable temperature and humidity level to protect historical artefacts and valuable works of art.

daikin solutions for restaurants


We offer total solutions for restaurants with different chilling and cooling needs. Your frozen foods, refrigerated fresh foods and chilled wines are maintained at their perfect temperature, while guests dine in complete comfort.

Stadiums leisure


Rely on large-scale chillers and air side equipment to maintain a healthy and comfortable climate, with fresh air circulating throughout your entire stadium, so visitors can cheer, party and dance all night long.

For any project and any need

Whether your project is big or small, we are highly equipped and eager to help. We provide heating, cooling, refrigeration and hot water solutions for buildings of all sizes, new builds and expansions, as well as replacements and upgrades to your current system. Find the right fit by selecting your project size or need.


Small to medium projects

Sky Air

  • For your essential climate needs 
  • Ideal for smaller spaces 
  • Separate controls for each unit

Medium-sized projects


  • Flexible installation satisfies all of your climate needs 
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized spaces
  • Control your units centrally or individually

Large projects

Chillers and Air side equipment 

  • Ideal for medium-sized to very large spaces
  • Brings in fresh and healthy air
  • Compatible with all Daikin solutions using our air conditioning system

Restaurants and kitchens


  • Solutions for small to large refrigeration applications 
  • Flexible designs suit all building types 
  • Heat recovery and inverter technologies increase your savings

Fresh air

Ventilation and air handling units 

  • Ideal for medium-sized to very large spaces
  • Brings in fresh and healthy air
  • Compatible with all Daikin solutions using our air conditioning system

Smart controls


  • Control your climate from anywhere at any time
  • Choose between centrally or locally managed controls 
  • Set timer programmes 
  • Optimise your energy consumption with our energy management tools 
  • Easy integration with third-party equipment

Spas and fitness centres

Daikin Altherma Flex Type 

  • Efficiently provides large volumes of hot water 
  • Hot water production using heat recovery

Leon's restaurant case

Our VRV IV i-series overcomes space restrictions to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort for a West End restaurant.


We are there for you

A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation's working life assures a pleasant environment for your visitors.

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