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Billa Palaca

Split, Croatia

Integrated refrigeration and climate control meets modern HVAC demands within an ancient building.


Daikin’s compact and quiet Conveni-Pack and Zeas refrigeration systems proved to be the ideal solution for a supermarket constructed within several buildings of a Fourth Century Roman palace in Split.

This is a perfect example of how an ancient building can be treated sensitively when installing the latest HVAC-R technology.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • Conveni-Pack
  • Zeas
  • Multi-split

This Billa supermarket in Split is located within the walls of Diocletion´s Palace, built at the turn of the Fourth Century.

Putting a supermarket inside such an historic and sensitive building was a significant challenge, not least when it came to installing the systems for climate control, refrigeration and cold storage. Space was limited and noise restrictions were imposed.

Billa has been using Daikin equipment for many years and chose an integrated refrigeration and climate control system, comprising two Conveni-Pack (CVP) units and one Zeas unit (for deep freeze applications).

Daikin’s compact and quiet solution offers a highly-efficient integrated approach to supermarket refrigeration and climate control, recovering up to 100% of waste heat from refrigeration, which is used to heat the store via ceiling cassettes, creating a comfortable shopping environment all year round.

CVP and Zeas units minimise energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and cut energy bills.

Additionally, a Multi-split system supplies three wall-mounted units in the back-office area.


Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

The system recovers waste heat from refrigeration to heat other parts of the store.

BREEAM certificate

The quiet and discrete indoor units were ideal for the sensitive historic building.

Daikin Loop outdoor units

Daikin controls allow staff to control store comfort via an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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