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Musikverein Wachtberg

Behamberg, Austria

Flexible space heating and cooling system promotes band harmony


Musikverein Wachtberg sought a new heating system for their thirty-year old and much-expanded headquarters, replacing expensive electric space heaters. Daikin’s advanced multi-split system offered the versatility to cater for variable usage patterns and the adjustability to accommodate the comfort needs of individual groups involved in a range of activities.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Smart App Control
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • Multi-Split outdoor units
  • Perfera indoor units
  • Stylish indoor units

Musikverein Wachtberg is a 74-member strong music society, performing continuously throughout the year. An essential hub, its headquarters house a 137 m2 practice room, rehearsal space, lesson rooms and meeting/social areas.

The society were looking for an efficient, sustainable heating solution. Ease of use and reliability were key, with minimal noise also a prerequisite. With the building only partially used at any one time and for different activities, flexibility was also important.

The multi-split system connects multiple indoor units to each outdoor unit, saving space and making installation simpler and more affordable. Scalability allows configuration to fit both current and future space and usage needs. Advanced technology maximises performance and optimises energy usage, offering a dependable, low carbon solution.

The new system maintains optimal comfort, reaching set temperatures quickly and ensuring even room temperature distribution. Separate controllers allow local temperature adjustment as required. Monitoring and control are managed easily via a centralised smart application. 

Space-saving wall-mounted indoor units present a streamlined interior appearance, while outdoor units are placed for minimal visibility.

The society has saved on energy costs following installation, with improved system performance and comfort in both winter and summer. 

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

The compact multi-split outdoor units are discreetly concealed beneath the eaves

BREEAM certificate

Wall-mounted indoor units save space and provide a clean finish

Daikin Loop outdoor units

The multi-split system allows easy centralised smart control via the Onecta App

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