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Budapest, Hungary

Integrated refrigeration and climate control drives efficiency for Spar supermarket


Daikin’s Conveni-pack and Zeas units are using heat recovery to provide energy-efficient refrigeration and climate control for a Spar supermarket in Budapest.

The Conveni-pack system recovers up to 100% of waste heat from refrigeration, which is used to create a comfortable shopping experience.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • Conveni-pack
  • Zeas
  • Roundflow cassettes

Meeting the varying refrigeration demands of the supermarket, while ensuring energy-efficiency and customer comfort, was key to the success of this project. Additionally, as the store is in a residential area, noise disturbance had to be minimised.

Two of Daikin’s Conveni-pack (CVP) refrigeration units, combined with a Zeas refrigeration unit, proved to be the ideal solution for the 500m2 store. CVP offers a highly-efficient integrated approach to supermarket refrigeration and climate control by recovering up to 100% of waste heat from refrigeration, which is used to heat the store and to create a comfortable shopping environment all year round.

CVP and Zeas inverter-controlled units use R-410A refrigerant gas which, combined with heat recovery, minimises energy consumption, reduces CO2 emissions and cuts energy bills, while maintaining high levels of performance. The compact and very quiet outdoor units were installed on the roof of the building, 30m above the shop floor.

This was one of the first Spar supermarkets in Budapest to be fitted with a CVP and Zeas system. The project was so successful that the approach has been rolled out to other branches across the city.

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

The compact and quiet outdoor units were installed on the store’s roof, 30 m above the shop floor.

BREEAM certificate

Comfort on the shop floor is maintained by Daikin’s highly efficient Roundflow cassettes.

Daikin Loop outdoor units

Daikin’s simple controller ensures the integrated refrigeration and climate control system runs smoothly at all times.

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