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Zagreb, Croatia

VRV IV delivers efficient comfort for a retail park in Zagreb


Shoppers visiting the Supernova retail park are being kept comfortable, whatever the weather, thanks to VRV IV heat recovery and monovalent heat pump systems.

Integrating heating, cooling and ventilation can dramatically improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and save on energy bills in small shops, supermarkets and superstores.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • VRV IV heat recovery
  • VAM heat reclaim ventilation
  • Intelligent Touch Manager

Zagreb’s Supernova Shopping Centre and Shopping Park is home to some of Europe’s best known brands.

Supernova has 30,900m2 of retail space in two main areas: the Shopping Centre, a mall with many small outlets; and the Shopping Park, which has large individual stores.

Climate in the Shopping Centre is controlled by a Daikin VRV IV system incorporating heat recovery. This comprises 11 heat recovery heat pumps supplying indoor cassettes and Biddle City DX air curtains above the entrances to the building.

The system offers high levels of efficiency by integrating heating, cooling, ventilation and air curtains, recovering waste heat from areas requiring cooling and using it to heat other areas. It is controlled by a Daikin intelligent Touch Manager, giving control over the climate of their individual units and ensuring users only pay for the energy they use.

The Shopping Park’s large retail units each have a VRV IV monovalent heat pump system to provide heating. Fresh air is supplied by Daikin VAM heat reclaim ventilation units that recover heat to help reduce system load and increase efficiency.

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

A range of VRV systems are used in the Shopping Centre and Retail Park.

BREEAM certificate

Indoor units keep all areas of the retail park, including baby changing facilities, comfortable throughout the year.

Daikin Loop outdoor units

The climate control system in the Shopping Centre is controlled via an intelligent Touch Manager.

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