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Szeged Nova

Szeged, Hungary

VRV IV provides year-round comfort for shoppers in Szeged’s new mall


VRV IV’s Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology, as well as the ability to control individual building zones, is allowing retailers in this large shopping mall in Szeged to achieve optimal comfort in their stores.

Retailers can adjust the climate of their unit to their own preference, ensuring that customers are comfortable and that retailers only pay for the energy they use.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • VRV IV
  • Fully flat cassette
  • iTM

Szeged Nova is a new shopping mall that opened in November 2014 in the suburbs of Szeged, Hungary’s third largest city. The 11,500m2 mall includes a 6,000m2 hypermarket (occupied by food retailer CBA), plus 4,000m2 of shops and 1,500m2 of cafés, bistros and restaurants.

An estimated 3,500 to 4,500 shoppers visit the mall every day, so it is important to ensure their comfort as they move between different stores and food outlets, whatever the weather.

The HVAC solution chosen was a VRV system from Daikin, comprising eight VRV IV outdoor units, 18 ERQ air handling units and a range of Daikin ceiling cassettes.

VRV IV features Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology, which continually adjusts refrigerant temperature to match heating or cooling demand and the outside temperature. This means less power is needed, efficiency is higher and comfort is improved.

Additionally, as VRV is modular, it allows the climate of building zones to be controlled individually. At Szeged Nova, along with the communal mall areas, owners can adjust the climate of their unit to their own preference. The entire system is controlled a Daikin intelligent Touch Manager linked with the Building Management System.

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

Eight VRV IV units serve 60 indoor units throughout the shopping mall.

BREEAM certificate

VRV IV ensures the thousands of shoppers visiting the mall every day are kept comfortable at all times.

Daikin Loop outdoor units

Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager controls the entire HVAC system and is linked with the mall’s Building Management System.

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