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Vindija Trgovina

Varaždin, Croatia

Conveni-pack delivers efficient refrigeration and climate control in prestige supermarket


Daikin’s integrated approach to refrigeration and climate control using heat recovery is ensuring customers’ comfort, while providing energy-efficient food storage, in a new specialist supermarket in Varaždin.

Daikin’s integrated refrigeration and climate control is delivering energy savings of up to 60% in Vindija’s stores.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • Conveni-Pack

Meeting the varying refrigeration demands of Vindija’s new store, while ensuring energy-efficiency and customer comfort, was key to the project’s success.

Daikin has supplied its Conveni-Park and Zeas refrigeration and climate control systems to Vindija stores for some time, from individual replacement units to complete systems. The latest project was to supply a CVP system, plus a booster for deep freeze cabinets, for a new shop in Varaždin. Five ducted indoor units supply climate control to the shop floor.

Daikin’s Conveni-Pack (CVP) offers a highly-efficient integrated approach to supermarket refrigeration and climate control, recovering up to 100% of waste heat from refrigeration and using it to heat stores to create a comfortable shopping environment.

CVP and Zeas inverter-controlled units minimise energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and cut energy bills, while maintaining high levels of performance.

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

Conveni-Pack is compact, maximising retail space in smaller stores.

BREEAM certificate

Conveni-Pack recovers up to 100% of waste heat from refrigeration and uses it to heat other parts of the store.

Daikin Loop outdoor units

Daikin’s user-friendly controls allow staff to control the shopping and office environments easily.

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