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Ice cream freezers

Catch the customer's eye

Designed with the rules of visual merchandising in mind, our ice cream freezers stand out through discrete presence, high quality materials, and excellent product visibility due to all-round glass optics.

Choose a smart ice cream freezer for your restaurant, petrol station, bar, mini-market or supermarket and the quality & freshness of the ice cream are 100% guaranteed.

colorful set of ice cream cones in different flavours
AHT Rio series - plug-in freezer cabinets for ice cream storage and display

AHT - RIO series 

Ice cream merchandisers 

Plug-in freezers made for ice cream storage and display

  • Excellent product visibility due to low cabinet height 

  • No extra maintenance cost 

  • Quiet and energy-saving operation

  • Environmentally friendly with natural refrigerant R-290

  • Available in two-sided - H and one-sided - S

Horizontal coolers 

  • Redefining economy and lifting product presentation to a new level 

  • Maximizing your sales space, minimizing maintenance 

  • Integral freezers, no need for additional freezer installation and no additional maintenance cost

  • Maximum energy saving due to new compressors and fans 

  • Environmentally friendly with natural refrigerant R-290

  • Options available:

    • Bumpers to protect against impacts

    • Lighting available in various colors

    • Possibility of own wrapping of the device

AHT Paris series - plug-in horizontal freezer cabinet

AHT Paris freezer - one-sided

AHT Malta series - plug-in horizontal freezer cabinet

AHT Malta freezer - double-sided

AHT Macao series - plug-in horizontal freezer cabinet

AHT - Macao freezer - exposed

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