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Long term care for your Daikin unit

Learn about why regular maintenace to your unit is crucial and how you can get the best after sales service for your Daikin unit.

Why is professional maintenance crucial?

A new air conditioner or heating system is a long-term investment, so providing regular maintenance is crucial for many reasons:



A properly maintained air-conditioning unit will ensure optimal air quality besides keeping your home warm or cool.

  • Regular cleaning of air filters results in breathing clean, pure air
  • Proper maintenance ensures safe operation for a long time

Cost saving

In the long-run maintenance is always cheaper than ad-hoc service interventions.

  • Avoid rushed interventions by planning ahead with future maintenances
  • Clear & transparent costs, lifecycle reports can be easily budgeted, thus
  • You will benefit from reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


If your unit runs on peak performance you will benefit from energy savings.

  • Routine maintenance can help your unit to reach higher efficiency
  • Regular maintenance reduces likelihood of failure in high season

Genuine parts

The spare parts, tools and equipment used by our Certified Service Partners are all certified by Daikin

  • Keep your warranty valid by using only genuine spare parts
  • Using original spare parts reduces risk of failure and disturbances
  • Genuine tools allow advanced troubleshooting & better optimisation

How to receive the best service?

Our newly launched Stand By Me platform is a way to connect our customers with our certified service network.

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