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Why Maintenance

Maintenance is the key element to ensure the quality, efficiency and flawless operation of your unit.

Peace of mind

Daikin Service and our Service Partner Network teams strive to develop smart services & solutions to exceed your expectations. Ensuring that your air-conditioning units are maintained by professionals gives you peace of mind!

Healthy Air

A properly maintained air-conditioning unit will ensure optimal air quality besides keeping your home warm or cool. By regularly cleaning the air filters and the coils in your unit you make sure you and your family breathes clean, pure air.

Increased System Efficiency

Routine maintenance such as inspections, oil and fluid changes, part replacements and other smaller adjustments can help your air- conditioning unit to run much more efficiently. In return, you will benefit from energy savings because the unit will be running at peak performance.

Cost Savings

In the long run, maintenance is always cheaper than ad-hoc service interventions. Preventive maintenance allows you and Daikin to plan ahead and avoid rushed interventions. The clear and transparent costs, as well as well-founded lifecycle reports can be easily budgeted, thus over time this reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and related operational costs.

Minimized System Downtime

Scheduled care visits are transparent and easy to plan which gives sufficient time to find suitable dates for visits to avoid impact on your comfort. A well-maintained air-conditioning system is less likely to fail during high season. Keeping a unit upto-date on all inspections and maintenance checks means less worry that the unit will break down when it is needed the most.

Improved Safety

When a unit doesn’t operate in optimal condition over longer periods of time, it could cause unsafe working conditions or accidents. Regular maintenance ensures the air-conditioning unit operates safely and complies with local regulations and requirements.

Genuine Spare Parts, Tools and Equipment

The spare parts used by Daikin Service or our Service Partner Network are all certified by Daikin, which means that the risk of failure and disturbances can be reduced while ensuring that the warranty is valid. In case opening, overhaul or repair is needed, Daikin as an OEM manufacturer has all the original tools, casts and equipment to ensure the repair is carried out according to factory recommendations and will keep your equipment up and running. Daikin uses advanced service tools when we care for our units. These tools are not found on the open market and they facilitate advanced troubleshooting and reporting to be done to ensure that the unit is

optimized and parametrised correctly as well as verifying the integrity of the air-conditioning system.

Full Legal Compliance

Knowing that your system is maintained and serviced gives you the assurance all relevant legal requirements (e.g. F-gas regulation) are fulfilled.

REGULATION (EU) No 517/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 16 April 2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and repealing Regulation

(EC) No 842/2006

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