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Are you ready for Christmas?

1.    Decorating the home

Christmas is almost upon us and the choice of decorations is approaching. The current color trends are like fashion: every year new Christmas colors and color combinations are in vogue. This year everything revolves around the topic of naturalness. Accordingly, not only warm colors such as beige, brown and cream white play a key role, but also natural materials such as wood, acorns and leaves. Especially the clear minimalist style from Scandinavia will be at the forefront in 2017. But also, real Christmas classics such as fir green, gold and red create a contemplative atmosphere. Trendsetters and traditionalists alike get their money's worth.

2.    Heating up - but right!

Winter is the time of heating. Others may have worries about their use of oil or gas for heating and thereby about their fossil-fuel-carbon-footprint, some may be a bit annoyed by the noise connected with their heating and again others may wish for temperatures fitting the various rooms in their house. Worries and thoughts an owner of Daikin´s heat pump does not know. Its newest version connects with Daikin´s Cloud Service, offers smart heating controls and is more energy efficient than ever.

3.    Baking Christmas biscuits

The pre-Christmas period is a true paradise for all the senses. Many mulled wine and punch offers want to be tasted at the Christmas markets. Whether coconut sticks, cinnamon stars, vanilla croissants or marzipan balls, Christmas biscuits are literally "on everyone's lips". Homemade Christmas biscuits should not be missing.

4.    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

Dark, rainy, cold - it's no secret that the winter months can spoil the mood. Enough with the winter blues. All I want for Christmas... are songs. The holidays are the ideal time to sing as if there were no tomorrow. Whether singing or dancing, Christmas music brings you into a festive mood.

5.    Indulge in a fragrant bath

Bathing is an effective way to relax and forget the stress of everyday life. A nice bubble bath and the warm water loosen the muscles and the worries disappear. With Daikin’s heat pump, there is enough hot water for everyone. It is the ideal choice to stay warm and comfortable at home. No more fossil fuels, no more excessive heating costs.

6.    Playing in the snow

Grab your favorite person and discover the joy of romantic ice-skating in a unique setting. Build a snowman or get involved in a snowball fight. Fresh air belongs to the winter, like the smell of warm biscuits. This makes it even more pleasant to heat up in your home afterwards.

7.    Donations instead of gifts

Christmas is the time of giving. But it doesn't always have to be something material. Instead of spending large sums of money on printed Christmas cards or expensive gifts, Daikin prefers to support charities and people in need. Have you ever thought about the gift of giving?

8.    Writing Christmas cards

Nowadays, everything runs on digital devices. A message is quickly written via smartphone. However, the depth of meaning is often lost. That's why the pre-Christmas season is particularly suitable for sending Christmas cards. Cutting, pasting, handicrafts or simply writing a few words – personalized Christmas cards have so far created a smile on every recipient's face.

9.    Christmas tree – the right climate makes the difference

When the Christmas tree begins to lose its needles, the indoor air is to dry. Make sure you control the humidity in your home. A humidifier may be a great idea but if it produces too much moisture (more than 40- 55%), it can lead to mold spores and condensation.

Or just rely on Daikin’s solutions to make your life easier. Daikin provides you and your home with fresh and filtered air. And with solutions such as Ururu Sarara, humidity can easily be regulated. Ururu, the smart humidification system, draws in the right amount of moisture from the air outside to prevent uncomfortably dry air inside (Sarara is the dehumidification system). In combination with Daikin´s Altherma 3 heat pump, it secures the perfect climate for each room. So that the rich green Christmas tree shines longer.

10.    Meeting the family

No matter how stressful the year may be. Christmas is the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Because to be honest, apart from all the glitter, biscuits, songs and Christmas trees, the only thing that counts are the people who are important in life. In other words: Merry Christmas!

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