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What is the Daikin Stand By Me platform?

Once you have made the excellent decision to buy an air conditioning unit or a heat pump, your priorities no doubt shift to understanding how to best care for it.

Many appliance manufacturers offer the ability to register a new product but less than 10 percent of customers actually do, despite it validating a warranty or a guarantee. It is difficult to understand what prevents a buyer from filling out their registration details, perhaps it is simply that our lives are busy and once we have purchased our appliance we quickly move on and go on with our busy schedules.

The thing is, aftersales care is critical to keeping your appliance in tip top condition.  We want to help ensure that you benefit from our leading aftersales care provision but in order to do so, your product needs to be registered. We believe that registering your Daikin unit should provide more than just a manufacturer warranty, so we created the Stand By Me platform.

What is Stand By Me?

Stand By Me from Daikin is a future proof platform designed and offered directly by Daikin Home Comfort Expert partners specifically to help Daikin unit owners benefit from our exceptional aftercare service and an extended warranty. Stand By Me was designed to provide an online space where all of the vital information relating to an installed unit and much more is stored. 


How does Stand By Me work?

Once your Home Comfort Expert partner has installed your unit, you will either be asked or you can request for your unit to be registered on the Stand By Me platform on your behalf using the email address you provided. They will document your installation including the unit type, specific model, serial number, date of installation and your details.

Existing Daikin unit owners can also register their unit on Stand by Me at any time, but in order to receive the full benefits the registration will need to be requested by their installer. This can be requested at any time regardless of how long it’s been since the unit was bought. 


What are the benefits of registering with Stand By Me?

With the Stand By Me platform we want to provide you with every opportunity to give your heating or cooling appliance a long service life and continued efficiency.

Easy to access information

Daikin products have a long-life span and after a number of years it can be difficult to remember which models you have installed in your home. With the Stand By Me platform you can view detailed information about all of your installed units including unit type, specific model, serial number and the date of installation.

Detailed history reports

Accessing reports from previous maintenance visits or repairs is especially useful. It provides you with peace of mind because you can see exactly what was checked or repaired and be reassured that our unit is functioning safely and efficiently. The Stand By Me platform makes viewing previous reports quick and easy for you and your service partner.

Scheduled reminders

Regular maintenance is essential for the long-term health of your unit. It can increase the efficiency and maximise cost savings. The Stand By Me system will automatically schedule your maintenance reminders sending them to both you and your service partner to schedule a visit.

Contact details

In the unlikely event that something doesn’t work quite the way it should, you need to know who to call to get your units back to full functionality quickly. The Stand By Me platform will store the contact details of your current service partner so you will always know who to call.


The warranty that comes with your Daikin unit is our promise to you. We promise that not only is your unit of the highest calibre, manufactured from the very best parts and materials but also that in the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault we will provide all the support you need. With the Stand By Me platform you will always have your warranty data to hand. In addition, Stand By Me users also receive up to 5 years extended warranty and can always purchase additional warranty when needed.

Exclusive packages and offers

Regular check-ups following a maintenance plan are much more cost effective than ad hoc servicing. We have various maintenance packages designed to suit your needs and your specific unit. Through the Stand By Me platform you can purchase the ideal maintenance package to help keep your unit in excellent condition and sign up to receive exclusive offers too.

How can I access Stand By Me?

Accessing the Stand By Me platform is easy and can be done in just four simple steps.

  • Step 1: Request a registration from your Home Comfort Expert partner
  • Step 2: Click the link in your confirmation email
  • Step 3: Confirm your details are correct
  • Step 4: Create a username and password
  • Step 5: Finalise your registration

Once your registration is complete you can go on to use all of the functionality provided within the online platform at any time, via your PC, Mac or smartphone app.

Stand By Me is more than just a support page for a product, it is the next step in your Daikin journey, bringing you peace of mind and the ultimate convenience experience. So, if you have not already received a registration email and accessed the Stand By Me platform, contact your Daikin Home Comfort Expert to request assistance.

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