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Closing the loop

Towards a circular economy for refrigerants

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Determined to reduce out environmental footprint, we aim to be CO2-neutral by 2050. A circular economy, innovation and smart use - these are the stepping stones on our path.

The time to act is now. Join us in creating a sustainable future for HVAC-R.

Sowing the seeds of climate protection with Daikin

Development of a circular economy
Increasing refrigerant reuse
LOOP By Daikin

Increasing refrigerant reuse

Achieving a circular economy of refrigerants thanks to the use of Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant and promotion of refrigerant reuse in the market. 

Development of a circular economy
Increasing seasonal efficiency

Innovative technologies to offer market-leading efficiencies

  • Truly sustainable over the entire life cycle thanks to market-leading real life seasonal efficiencies.
  • Reduced CO2 equivalents thanks to the use of the lower GWP refrigerant R32
  • Unique auto cleaning filters to maximize comfort and efficiency 24/7
Development of a circular economy
Using lower GWP refrigerants

Smart use ensures efficient and effective building management

  • Energy consumption follow up via the Daikin Cloud Service
  • Prevent energy waste with smart key cards and sensors
  • Factor in experts’ advice to continuously optimise system efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance to ensure optimum operation and uptime
Daikin Cloud Service

Reusing refrigerant: L∞P by Daikin

Reusing refrigerant, avoiding more than 250,000 kg of virgin gas being produced each year.

L ∞P by Daikin: reusing certified reclaimed refrigerant

External Certified Quality

Reclaimed refrigerant meets AHRI700 certified standards, assessed by an independent laboratory, and so is the same quality as virgin refrigerant.

Reclaimed and reused within Europe*

Reclaimed means the refrigerant is regenerated in a high quality way, in line with the F-gas regulation definition.

Reclaiming R-410A is just the start

With a huge potential of R-410A available in existing installations we invite you to join our mission in creating this circular economy. Today for R-410A and for other refrigerants in future.

Certified Allocated Quantity

Virgin and reclaimed refrigerant are used in the Daikin Europe factory. Through an audit process we ensure the reclaimed refrigerant is administratively allocated to the factory charge of VRV units produced and sold in Europe*.


*EU member states, UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland
What does Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation mean?

L∞P by Daikin: The principle

The principle of certified reclaimed refrigerant allocation


1. Refrigerant is recovered from the market by installer network

2. Refrigerant is reclaimed = regeneration in a high quality way that equals virgin quality

3. A mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant is used at our factory to charge products

4. The reclaimed refrigerant is administratively allocated to VRV units produced and sold in Europe*

5. The reclaimed refrigerant is reused in the market – closing the loop

6. Recycled refrigerant for field charge and servicing



*EU member states, UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland


Action goes greener with Daikin Refrigerant Reclaim Programme

Action intensifies its partnership with Daikin for this new ground breaking project: reclaiming refrigerant from its refurbished stores and reusing it.

    Create your own circular economy

    Join us to re-use refrigerant and turn waste into an asset with our refrigerant recovery machine

    • Portable unit for easy transport
    • Optimum purification
    • Reuse your refrigerant locally
    RRDQ-V1 Portable Unit for Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerant

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