A next donation for Concordia Moldova 

Also in 2017, Daikin Moldova decided to support Concordia Moldova with a donation.

Concardia Moldova, an organisation that helps children and adolescents from precarious social backgrounds that still live in state-run homes, received during summertime the units and the installation of 5 Daikin Air Conditioners, to provide a comfortable summer.


CONCORDIA Moldova provides a broad range of support offers.

The deinstitutionalization process in Moldova is going ahead, but around 4.500 children and adolescents from precarious social backgrounds are still living in state-run homes. According to UNICEF, large institutions do not constitute the suitable accommodation forms, because children and adolescents can only establish emotional relationships that are so important for them in small support units. CONCORDIA Moldova therefore pushes for family-based accommodation models to make the best possible form of care and accompaniment available to every child.

Concordia projects are based on four pillars:

  1. A safe home because who grows up sheltered gains trust and confidence.
  2. Perspectives through education because without a profession, the struggle against poverty is almost hopeless.
  3. Counselling and care because only consistent support ensures long-term success.
  4. Direct help and emergency help because not every aid can be planned for years.

In this way, CONCORDIA Moldova enables children to grow up happily to have independent lives, safe homes and open up future chances for them through a well-founded education.