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Help for a child with autism

In the beginning of 2023 Daikin Romania supported a child with moderate autism. Autism is a lifelong complex disorder of the central nervous system and requires continuous education to be able to live an almost normal life.

Daikin Romania’s contribution will support improving the life of the child. Even if this disease will not be cured, Daikin has made a small contribution to help improve the patient’s symptoms and by this its chances for a better life.   

Project period: January 2023

Planting good actions in Romania

Together with more than 65 volunteers from the Daikin Romania team and their families and friends, 900 trees were planted in just one day in November 2022. This project protects a piece of land, that was affected by various soil degradation processes. With Daikin Romania’s donation the afforestation was started and will now contribute to mitigate climate change, stop the soil degradation processes and regain the balance of nature with fresh air and a natural storage of CO2

Project period: 2019 to date

Our contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

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