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Fresh air for children with respiratory diseases

Since 1956, when the Slovenian “Red Cross Youth and Health Resort Debeli rtič“ opened its doors, more than 16,000 children have been helped. It is considered one of the most advanced health centers in Slovenia for respiratory diseases, various skin diseases, etc. For this reason, Daikin decided to support the professional care for children by donating four effective air purifiers.

Clean air is of utmost importance, especially indoors where people spend most of their time. Indoor air can be up to 500% more polluted than outdoor air. It is undeniable that breathing clean air has many benefits to our well-being, but it can have an even greater impact on the health of growing children. The Daikin air purifiers can help to reduce bacteria, dust and viruses in the indoor air at the premises which fits perfect to our mission to provide clean, healthy and fresh indoor air, in spaces where people spend almost 90% of their time.

Project period: December 2022

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

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