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Never miss a second of business: How Rental Chillers can help

Rental chillers are fast becoming known as the most versatile solution for businesses such as wineries, ice rinks, manufacturers and even pharmaceutical processing facilities where consistent climate control is the number one priority. 

Does your business have a cooling contingency plan in the event of planned shutdowns, outages and load fluctuations? When unexpected equipment failure occurs things can get out of hand pretty quickly. In a business that relies on refrigeration,  every minute your chiller is out of action can have a big impact on operational processes and seasonal performance.  

Business owners and executives have a duty to operate their businesses with a careful eye on expenses so while investing in a backup cooling system can prevent unexpected downtime it could potentially remain unused for long periods of time. Even systems that are left unused still require ongoing servicing to ensure they are in prime condition when they are needed, which can become costly over time.

 The solution to reducing the risk of extended downtime without placing your business under financial strain is a fast, reliable and cost-effective rental chiller service that can be called upon when you need it most.


Four ways temporary cooling solutions can benefit businesses

Rental chillers are fast becoming known as the most versatile solution for businesses such as wineries, ice rinks, manufacturers and even pharmaceutical processing facilities where consistent climate control is the number one priority. 

1. Specialist use

For example, the winemaking process relies heavily on accurate temperature control. Various stages such as maceration time, fermentation, cold-soaking and storage all require a very specific climate but with the wine fermentation process being limited to only a few months a year, a hire solution can help wineries stay flexible without committing to purchasing their own cooling system. 

2. Beyond emergency use - Service time

Rental chiller services have far-reaching benefits over and above emergency situations. The reliability of a cooling system is directly related to the undertaking of regular servicing. However, service intervals can result in systems being out of action for a period of time making it difficult to find an opportune time to carry out a service. 

Staff shortages, service cancellations and rapidly changing circumstances can make it difficult to plan and ensure everything is in place to permit maintenance but with a rental chiller service, last-minute decisions are no problem, a temporary chiller can be up and running the same day it is delivered on site, providing businesses with exceptional flexibility and adaptability when needed most. 

3. Expansion planning and testing

When a business is ready to expand into a larger space, a thorough understanding of what chilling capacity will be needed can save time and costs. Using a rental chiller for load, equipment and process testing means business owners can gain an accurate understanding of their needs before investing in costly equipment. Temporary cooling solutions from Daikin are designed with a range of business applications in mind: 

  • A diverse range of water and air-cooled chillers, from small air-cooled to large water-cooled (10kW to 10MW)
  • Flexible water piping connections with easy setup and startup
  • Low energy consumption
  • Electrical connections to chillers work with current power supplies and transformers
  • Extensive stockholding supporting most capacity requirements


4. One less thing to worry about

Using a rental service team that can be trusted to provide accurate information and advice can mean that when there are many decisions to be made, business owners can rest assured as the rental experts will have best interests in mind. 

  • Assistance to determine chiller capacity and power generation requirements
  • Delivery, assembly and connection
  • Startup service in partnership with a business’ own technicians
  • Responsive support
  • Same day delivery and connection
  • Advisory service for contingency planning, disaster recovery planning and industry compliance


Temporary cooling service designed from specialist knowledge

We have earned a reputation for providing high-quality HVAC systems that deliver reliable, optimal system performance. Our rental machines provide the same quality, reassurance and performance businesses have come to expect in a convenient, compact design paired with a versatile service offering. 

Daikin rental chiller services are a reliable and convenient solution for: 

  • Emergency & disaster back up 
  • Planned service time and outages
  • Peak load support and seasonality
  • Critical applications and processes
  • Special events & ad hoc requests


More than just chillers

Rental chillers make it possible to maintain full cooling capabilities during shutdowns, service time, retrofits, renovations, or equipment replacement but with an extensive refrigeration rental provision that includes everything from cold storage rooms and freezer rooms, to shock freezers and refrigerated containers, Daikin can support requirements that extend far beyond traditional process cooling. 

With full installation, commissioning, servicing and even remote monitoring capabilities, Daikin can provide a one-stop solution for all your rental needs. Find out more about our rental services here.


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