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Going back to business calls for improved air quality control

Across Europe, retail outlets, hospitality venues, leisure facilities and commercial services have already slowly begun or are eagerly anticipating opening their doors to customers once again. For business owners, ensuring that customers feel safe and secure in public environments has become vital to their future success.

Improving the quality of the air we breathe has become an important consideration for all, not least for those with compromised lungs while in recovery from Covid-19. Reassuring customers that their safety is your primary concern is the key to encouraging customers to return.

Clearly demonstrating that there are measures in place to safeguard against bacteria and viruses as well as other pollutants such as allergens and toxins that may be present in indoor environments is an excellent place to start.

Building staff and customer loyalty

Business owners carry the heavy burden of needing to ensure the safety of not only customers but also staff. What the pandemic has brought to the surface is the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and employees have become just as conscious of the potential dangers of poor indoor air, with many well aware that the cleaning materials they need to use may release gases or Volatile Organic Compounds on exposure to the air.

From a productivity point of view, ensuring clean air in the workplace, is vital, with pollution likely to affect staff performance as well as causing dizziness and nausea. In the longer term, so-called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ can have an impact on staff recruitment and retention once it takes hold.

Opening windows is not always enough

To help combat the spread of infection, experts recommend opening windows periodically to recirculate air and disperse particles. The recommended Air Change Rate (ACR) varies according to the type of business*, for example:

  • Classrooms 2-4 air changes/hour
  • Gyms – 4-6 air changes/hour
  • Restaurants – 4-8 air changes /hour
  • Offices – 2-8 air changes /hour (dependent on surface area & no. of occupants)

Opening windows may not always be sufficient or appropriate, depending on the design and use of the building as well as the time of year, particularly in schools and nurseries where temperatures need to be kept at higher levels. Air purifiers can provide a cost-effective and fast top-up solution, cleaning indoor air through recirculation and high-efficiency filtration.

Filling the gap for an easy, reliable and safe solution

Daikin’s latest air purifier, the AstroPure 2000 was developed specifically to address the air purification concerns that business owners face in the ‘new normal’ commercial environments.

A totally self-contained mobile unit, the air purifier can be switched between areas to deliver high purification directly when and where it is needed, protecting employees and customers against viruses including the Covid variant SARS-Covid-2, with full compliance to VDI 6022 and other guidelines.  The AstroPure 2000 uses the latest in advanced filtration and purification technologies, combining state-of-the-art HEPA filtration with optional UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI).  Its prefilters remove pollutants including bacteria, fine particles of dust and allergens, while eliminating odours to leave premises feeling clean and fresh.

With ‘plug and play’ connectivity, it can be placed and utilised immediately and leaving no need for on-site modifications in order to take advantage of the AstroPure 2000. A sliding tray design provides access for fan servicing, while gauges and speed controls can be found in the on-board instrument panel. On board control lights indicate when filters need changing, while the variable speed fan control ensures maximum adaptability. The AstroPure 2000 can also be supplied with a fully digitised LCD display.

Capable of creating air flows up to 2,000m3/h, the AstroPure 2000 provides outstanding coverage in commercial or public areas of up to 200 m2 and is suitable for in-room use or in a sheltered outdoor space.

Whisper quiet in use, the new unit provides effective air purification for all light commercial applications including offices, retail, restaurants and cafes and gyms, as well as schools and nurseries.

To find out more about our Indoor Air Quality solutions please visit or the AAF AstroPure 2000 product page

*Optimal ACR needs to be assessed based on number of occupants/100m2 and min. required fresh air rate per person – as per ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2013, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality


How L∞p by Daikin works

retail store and refrigerant recovery truck icon


We recover your old refrigerant for
you from any unit and any brand.

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The refrigerant is reclaimed in Europe, meaning regenerated in a high-quality way,  in line with F-gas regulation definition.

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The reclaimed refrigerant is used for the production of new L∞p by Daikin units. The reclaimed refrigerant’s quality is certified by an independent laboratory, so it meets AHRI 700 certified standards.

Be part of L∞p by Daikin and benefit from the L∞p-effect!


For your Business

  • Attract new customers as a certified sustainable L∞p by Daikin program member.
  • Care free handling of old refrigerant – we take care of it!
  • Save costs for disposal and decomposition of the old refrigerant.

For our Planet

  • Make a valuable contribution by choosing units with reclaimed refrigerant.
  • Make a difference by being part of the initiative saving more than 400.000 kg of virgin gas being produced every year.
  • Make a commitment to create a sustainable future.

Our circular ecosystem into a greener future​ is growing​


Products reusing reclaimed refrigerants

Since 2019 Daikin is offering products under the L∞P by Daikin circular economy initiative – a line of products using reclaimed refrigerant. By choosing such a product you actively support the reuse of refrigerant.

Recover-Reclaim-Reuse Refrigerant service

Our latest initiative, the refrigerant service, saves resources and costs. Our aim is to collect larger amounts of refrigerant and certify the projects where old refrigerant is recovered and reused for new projects. This service is available for key accounts and investors.

  • R-cycle recovery unit

    The mobile refrigerant recovery unit removes impurities such as oil, acid and moisture from gas. It can be used independently of other Daikin circular econemy initiatives.

  • Partner of retradables

    As a consortium partner, Daikin supports Retradeables, a digital tranding marketplace that enables trading reclaimed refrigerants between service companies and refrigerant distributors.

The latest L∞p by Daikin members


dm-drogerie markt retail chain partners with L∞P by Daikin, in its drive for more sustainability​


Perial Asset Management

Milestone HVAC refurbishment delivers sustainability through L∞P by Daikin, re-using reclaimed refrigerant for both factory charge and trim charges

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