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Is the VRV 5 the most advanced commercial air conditioning system ever made?

New air conditioning products come and go but rarely do we see a truly revolutionary product that ticks all the boxes for both commercial building owners and regulatory bodies at once, without the need for compromise.

In 1982 Daikin created the first VRV air conditioning system an energy-efficient air conditioning system providing cooling and heating for many types of commercial buildings such as banks, health care, offices, storage facilities and conference centres. 

With each new iteration of the VRV product range, Daikin innovators have pushed the boundaries of product design, creating energy-efficient, fully optimised VRV units that could respond to diverse preferences simply with the touch of a button or via the spoken word. They have simplified installation across multiple applications and have worked to meet stringent building regulation guidelines at every step, but even the best products can be improved.

Daikin technology redesigned for a greener future

Continued product innovation stems from a mission to develop sustainable solutions that reduce our environmental footprint, enhance user experience, excel in performance and simplify installation. Today, the latest VRV product, the Daikin VRV 5 S-series, has been specifically designed to excel in all four areas, surpassing even the most optimistic of expectations. 

Sustainability focused solutions

BREEAM Certification credit point

Commercial building owners under BREEAM assessment for certification will find that they can score sustainable value BREEAM points in the carbon emissions reduction (pollution) category for installing a VRV 5 product. 

LEED US Green Building Council credit point

The calculation for refrigerant impact considers the life cycle direct global warming potential and life cycle ozone depletion potential. Thanks to R32's lower GWP, installing a VRV 5 will earn you an extra LEED credit point. 

Reduced global warming impact

Fully optimised for single-component refrigerant R-32 and low GWP refrigerant, this newly developed VRV system is ideal for green building certification, maximising efficiency and reducing the potential global warming impact by 71%. 

No refrigerant leak check required

Field refrigerant leak studies become a thing of the past with the VRV 5's factory integrated refrigerant response measures that sense a leak and immediately respond to recover the refrigerant and store it safely in the accumulator before securely activating shut off valves. 

Optimal comfort for enhanced user experience

  • Low sound level: Improving on the previous models, the VRV 5 now has five low sound steps to suit every application, bringing the outdoor unit's sound pressure down to a whisper-quiet 39 dB(A), meeting urban regulations for densely populated and mixed-use areas.
  • Intuitive online and voice control: Use the power of intuitive voice activation and control for all main functions via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • VRT Smart Control: Using the VRT Smart Control (variable refrigerant temperature control), individual climate control settings can help you easily maintain respective zone temperatures in each room and floor of your building. 
  • Clear, optimised display: With its 7-segment display, the reading of errors and settings has never been easier.
  • Optimised user control with Madoka: This wired touch remote controller features on/off, operation mode (Cool, Heat, Dry, Auto), set point adjustment, fan speed adjustment, airflow direction adjustment and daily timer. Connect with smartphone via bluetooth. Premium design in a range of three colours to match any interior.

Maximising efficiency and performance

Increased seasonal efficiency 

Using unique technologies like the 3-row heat exchanger, Daikin’s patented R-32 swing compressor and the famous VRT control guarantees top sustainability over the entire lifecycle, thanks to market leading real-life seasonal efficiency.

Energy-Saving Operation

Precise individual control and inverter technology minimise energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings. 

Unrivalled versatility for simplified installation

  • Ultimate application flexibility: With a capacity range up to a maximum of 78kW, the VRV 5 can cover the needs of a larger commercial building with a single system while also maintaining the flexibility of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) to cater for all types of indoor spaces, even very small areas.
  • New asymmetric fan design: To satisfy the increasing demand for the concealment of outdoor units, both for aesthetics and planning compliance, the VRV 5's low-height, compact dimensions (870 x 1,100 x 460mm) and single fan design ensures maximum placement flexibility.
  • Two, high ESP settings: An automatically adjusted ESP of up to 45Pa lets ductwork hide the outdoor unit, while a comprehensive range of specially designed R32 VRV indoor units offers maximum flexibility for all room configurations. 

For commercial building owners, the release of the mini VRV 5 commercial air conditioning system, Daikin's most sustainable, efficient, and advanced, compact VRV ever created is a welcome addition to the Daikin product range. To find out more, visit our website or contact us to speak to an expert.

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