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How do I add units to my user account?

First check that the date on the unit's user interface is configured correctly. If the date is not correct, the network gateway will not be able to set up a secure connection with the cloud and you will not be able to add units to your user account.

You can add up to 60 units to one user account. To add a unit to your account, make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same network your unit is connected to. Make sure that the units that you want to add to your account are visible in the application.

1.      Tap the add button (plus sign). If this is the first unit that you’re adding, you can also tap “Let's add your first unit!”.

2.      Select the unit that you want to add

3.      Follow the instructions in the application

If the unit isn’t listed in the “New units in your network” section, then ensure the following:

  • Your mobile device is connected to the same network the unit is connected to.
  • The network gateway has fully initialised.

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